How to Paint a Flower Pot With Acrylics – Koi Fish (DIY)

Welcome back to our channel! Are you ready to learn how to paint a flower pot and get some useful Outdoor Acrylic Paint tips? If you’re new, subscribe to our channel & click the bell to be notified of our newest videos! You will need First, clean the pot with a damp cloth Sketch the stones and make sure to draw them in different sizes. This will make them look more realistic Using a thin brush, outline the stones with diluted black paint Since the paint dries quickly, it’s necessary to reload your brush with paint and frequently add water to it. Whenever needed, clean your brush with a rag Add extra water to the paint and fill in the stones. Only paint one side of the stone to create a shading effect. Do the same for all the stones Before moving on to the next step, practice drawing some koi fish Paint a white base layer for the fish & lily pads Use A224 and A221 to paint the orange koi. Make it lighter on its back and darker on the sides Use dark paint to add details like the fin, the eyes and the shadow on the sides. Then use A202 to draw side fins Brighten the fish’s back with yellow paint Detail the dorsal fin with white paint. Make thin lines on the tail and fins. Add details to the eyes Use yellow paint to add mid-tones to the fin and tail Outline the koi’s spots in orange. Fill them in with light orange & add some dark orange shades Use A209 to fill in half of the lily pad, then mix the green with A202. Paint over the second part of the lilypad. Blend the colors together Use white and black paint to fill in the fins. Use white paint to draw the dorsal fin When the koi are painted, add shadows from the lily pads onto the fish Use a thin brush to add veins on the lilypads Draw black-spotted koi in the same manner. First, paint the koi in orange then add black and yellow dots on its back and gray fins Paint the rest of the koi and keep some koi pictures nearby for reference. This will make it easier to recreate their natural patterns and colors Use a thin brush to make circles on the water and blend them with blue paint The circles should overlap with the koi and spread away from the lily pads, this will make it look like the koi are underwater Use white paint to draw water lilies and add some peach shading. Use black paint to add shadows from the flowers The best part of using Outdoor Acrylic Paint is that even after it dries, the color remains bright, glossy, and shiny! We hope you learned something new! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and to subscribe to our channel for more videos!

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