How to make the perfect Tulip – Made by Nespresso Creatista

Welcome to this Nespresso video
on how to do latte art with the new Creatista machine. First, take your Creatista machine. Place a jug of fresh milk
under the steam wand. Take your cappuccino cup,
place it under the machine and choose your favourite Grand Cru. Simply insert the capsule
inside the machine. Select the cappuccino mode
on the display then press start. Watch Creatista extract your coffee. Now let the steam wand
gently froth the milk. Tilt the cup with coffee,
and slowly start pouring the milk. While pouring, swing your hand
with quick and short movements. Now, the final touch. Pour a last milk line backwards
to create a beautiful tulip. Enjoy your indulgent creation. Why make coffee
when you can create art? Nespresso. What else?

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