How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : How to Make Gum Paste

I’m about to show you how you can make gum
paste from scratch. And to do that you are going to need a heavy duty mixer with the
paddle attachment, and 4 egg whites, and tylose powder. And tylose powder is a food grade
gum. And you can find it at cake supply stores or at an online source. This is the ingredient
that will actually give stability to your flowers or anything you are making with gum
paste. And it also helps it to hold up in humidity better. It also gives it a whiter
color. Then you’ll need 2 pounds of powdered sugar, minus 1 cup set aside. So we’re going
to start by putting the egg whites into the mixer, and we’re going to break those up for
about 10 seconds on high speed. All right, we’re going to bring our mixer slowly back
down on slow, and we’re going to slowly add our powdered sugar. And we’re going to turn
this mixer up to medium and we’re going to let that mix for about 2 minutes. Now for
2 minutes we’re going to turn this back down to low and take our tylose powder and sprinkle
that in. There goes my timer. We’re going to turn that back up to high just for a minute
and that will thicken it. So before we dump that out on our powdered
sugar surface we want to make sure we grease our hands with shortening. And what we’re
going to do is
take our gum paste out, its good and thick and very doughy. We’re going to kneed all
of this together. Scrape it all out. Make sure your hands are well greased, and we’re
going to kneed all of this together. Incorporating all of this 1 cup of sugar we had set aside.
Your dough should be soft and not sticky. Its not necessary to use all of the sugar,
you actually want to pinch it and see when its soft and not sticky. And this actually
looks very good. So when you’ve got it to that point where its soft and not sticky you’re
going to put it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours so it can
mature. So this goes into the refrigerator to mature and when you’re ready to use it,
you take it out and bring it to room temperature. And it’ll be ready to use. And that’s how
you make home made gum paste.

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