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Yener’s Cake Tips Hello everybody,
Welcome back to Yener’s Cake Tips Cake decorating is about
having a practical idea Can be applied to day-to-day business So one of those practical ideas is making
chocolate flowers which is often happen quite fragile So I’d like to show you today
my way of making chocolate flowers which is quite reliable
and at the end it still ends up quite delicate Chocolate flowers
Yener’s Cake Tips The difference is I’m using eggs as a mold And also if the eggs are a little bit colder It’s better to have it because
chocolate gets quickly set So all that I need A little bit of Cling wrap Just like this I think I can get four out of this So Cut this into large square pieces Alright Now what I do
Put a little bit of starch inside So the cling wrap doesn’t stick to the eggs When the eggs are cold They may be a little bit wet Because of condensation So dry them nicely Just with tissue paper Alright And place in here And after that just wrap That also starch helps
the cling wrap doesn’t stick to the egg That’s all, just do it like this And then place it In here That’s one. So I’m gonna make twelve of this So twelve eggs are ready,
wrapped in cling wrap And I’d like to emphasize one more time
Why I’m using starch So if I use the direct cling wrap on an egg Because of the coldness and bit of moisture
a bit of humidity on the egg The cling wrap will stick to the egg And then the chocolate won’t release So look at this So you see that the cling wrap
doesn’t stick to the egg’s surface And then the chocolate will pop off
very easily after setting So the next thing is
I bring my chocolate on the table This time I’m using white chocolate Of course you can use dark chocolate
or milk chocolate also Because of the coolness of the egg The chocolate doesn’t need to be too temper
this is just compound chocolate And it’s about 40 degrees
It’s more than enough All that we do, take one egg And then squish it a bit more About the cling wrap just so
the surface is nice and smooth And then dip them
sort of one third Like this And then you don’t have to worry too much
about this, because this is good This will be a kind of a string On joining the petals together And then carefully put it here That’s it Second one Now things go quite quick I’m choosing the pointed part of the egg
Always the tip of the petal So I’m using always in the same direction
So this is the pointed part Goes this direction
and I’m lifting up that direction out This is not very important,
but just a little detail Twelve petals are ready And then the first petal that I did Should be set already
to take it off the egg Let’s try If the eggs are not cold enough,
you can always put them in the fridge Release the pressure little bit
from the cling wrap And then just move it a little bit
forward like this, and it comes off like that See, that is ready So, let’s put it on the side here Second one Release the pressure And remove This is happening because the eggs were cold
it helps the chocolate to get set quickly If the eggs are not cold,
you just put them in the fridge It will come off very easily Before the petals are joined together
I’d like to make a couple of leaves So we can finish it at the end
together with the leaves A little bit of water here, as I always do Just to secure that cellophane sheet Alright Just give it like a one long chocolate here Like this And I have here a scraper Which is serrated scraper here Like this And then Just do that And that And that And that Alright Now I need to have a something not too sharp Like the wooden skewer, or can be used also
a kind of cake box sticks, it doesn’t matter Just do this So because it’s not sharp,
the chocolate stays separate When I do this Alright Now I’m gonna start assembling the flower So I take one paper cup And open it up I don’t want to have it too close
I want to have a nice large open flower It looks like a kind of magnolia Alright, like this So, then What I do I take a little bit of chocolate And put it in the middle Alright Now Look at this One Two Three I’m using this part, where the vein is here
Much stronger, to the joining part And then we can put one more Between here, like this Look
And then before the chocolate gets set Just organize it together like this And I will put a little bit more chocolate
in the middle Just this much Alright And then Go back again for maybe just a three petals That’s it
That’s one I’d like to do one more, smaller And this time I want to keep it very simple One Two And three Like this Let’s say it is a kind of closed flower
Not open yet So the chocolate is not crisp enough,
we wait for a while Everything gets touchable and can lift up
and make an arrangement They’re all set to go,
I just took them out of the fridge So let’s put together,
imagine this is a cake’s surface Just put a bit of water here so
it doesn’t sort of fly around If you want to put it together Make sure that is something on plastic
because you can then lift it up Alright You can see it is nice and firm here Underneath is a bit more chocolate accumulated So it doesn’t break very easily You can also just pipe
a bit of branch underneath So you can build everything on a chocolate branch
which is just freshly piped So I’m not gonna do that,
just gonna get some chocolate here Like that And then stick together here Alright And then the leaves As you realise,
the flowers’ve been done quite quickly But prepating these eggs
with the cling wrap and starch Took a bit of time So that’s why don’t use these eggs for baking
anymore, keep them aside, like they are You can always grab it and use it
again and again for the same purpose So That is my simple chocolate flower,
using an egg as a mold It’s now finished So thank you so much
for watching me again this week, guys And please like and share And don’t forget to subscribe because I’ll be back next week
with another one! Yener’s Way
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