How To Make Red Peony Paper Flower From Crepe Paper – Craft Tutorial

Hi guys, Camellia B here and today I will show you how to make a peony flower There are many type of peonies Single peonies have one or two rows of large petals, a multitude of goden pollen-bearing anthers, and one or… one to five carpels In this video I will show you how to make a basic peony we have two rows of large petals and three carpels My Kit in my crepe paper kit. There are two bags. And in one bag, there’s almost full of material materials petals,leaf carpels stamens, everything is ready and you just need to glue and wrap to make one beautiful flower. In the second bag There are few crepe paper rolls That’s enough to make the second peony and now I will show you step by step how to make that peony flower For people who don’t know about this creep paper flower making kit you could find my unboxing video here. Welcome back we start out by making the carpels and This step I will use 24 gauge floral wire and apple green flower tape. If you don’t have flower tape so you could Cut our a strip or green crepe paper and glue it but if your flower tape is good enough And it is can be self-sealing so it could have you to make the carple very quickly Now we cut our three equal length about four inches of twenty-four gauge floral wire We cut out a strip of pink or red or purple colored florist crepe measuring one inch by one inch and stretch it slightly again the grain Before cutting a series of fringe 1/4 of the way down all the way across the length of the crepe cutting down the grain of the crepe paper and Starting about one inch from one each piece of wire we fold the wire and tightly wrap the stripe or fringe around the floral wire Then we wrap by 1/4 inch floral tape In this video I use Apple green floral tape, but you could use green or light green floral tape You have to make sure that you straight it enought that it could be self- sealing After finished three carples then now we gather it and We gather them and use floral tape to wrap them around a length Of stem wire to form the main stem of the flower Next we make the stamen we cut out a strip of yellow or pumpkin colored florist crepe measuring 2.5 inches or 2 1/8 by 6 inches and We stretch it against the grain before cutting a series of fringe One a half or Two-thirds of the way down all the way across the length of crepe, cutting along the grain of the paper Then we tightly wrap the strip of fringe around the carples and glue along the way And Petals We use 140 grams crepe paper and We have to stretch it slightly against the grain using the template we cut 20 petals of each template small and larger petal template We slightly cup the paper in the center you could shade or Color the base of the petals with chalks and pencils But in this video, I don’t do it Next we glue the petals onto their base of the stamen overlapping and spacing the petals Because this video is too long maybe around 30 minutes then I will devide it in the two parts and In part 2, we will We will make Sepals and leaves. I’ll see you in the second video Bye

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