How to make Paper Flowers Poppy (Flower # 80)

hi today I’m gonna make Poppies, a very easy and simple yet very lovely flower material required are crepe papers in black, red, and green, a thick wire for stem, green floral tape, and some cotton wool the stencils are given at the end of video take the piece for the center stretch it apply glue on it all over, well take a bit of cotton wool and on top of the wire first apply glue a bit put the wool on it and cover it with the center and then roll the ends this is the center of the flower take the piece for the center sorry the stamen stretch it fold it once and then again so you get a small piece like this and then cut about half a centimeter long make slits on it very fine ones make the stamen for the poppy this is how they will look do this along the whole length after you cut the whole length, just open it out and then apply glue on the base and wind this on the base the center sorry of the flower so just hold it slightly above the center like this and then wind the strip keep the height of the strip the same like this just press the base and open out the stamen a bit this is what you would get take the smaller petals first just hold it in the center like this and stretch the center well you get a cupped petal like this then just hold the center only in one hand and with the other hand and holding scissors just curl the top of the petal so it curls like this now give tiny crimps or just pull the paper between your finger and thumb on the edge so you get a rippled effect and this is what you get do this with the other petal also now take the smaller petals that you’ve shaped and first apply glue on the base now stick this on one side of the center just slightly below the stamen line so just stick it like this and take the other one and stick it right opposite the first one this will come right opposite and at the same height same height as the first like this and while the glue is slightly wet just open up the petals a bit so that they take the position and don’t cramp up the center so this is what it looks like now you take the bigger petals again in the same way as we did earlier stretch the center and curl the top it opens like this and then give crimps on it so do this with both the petals so this is how the petals would look I even crimped the sides now just apply glue again as we did earlier and stick this in the gap between the first two petals slightly higher slightly just slightly higher than the first this also and this would be right opposite the first one and again on top of the gap slightly higher this is how it will look again while the glue is wet just pull the petals out so that they take their shape and this is how the poppy would look cut a long piece from the green floral tape for covering the stem stretch it well I’m going to apply glue on one on the top of the tape so that it is totally secure just start winding it flower base and on the wire when you cover about four inches take the leaf and just wind it over just hold it like this and wind the tape over like this just position the leaf,open out a bit and here you are a poppy flower all the measurements are given in centimeter this is for a small petal this is 5.25 centimeter wide and 4.5 centimeter long and the stem is 1 by 1.5 centimeter cut two pieces per flower this is of a bigger petal this is 6 centimeter by 5 centimeter and the stem is again 1 centimeter by 1.5 centimeter cut two pieces per flower this is for the center which is 3 centimeter by 3 centimeter cut one piece per flower this is for the stamen strip this is 2 centimeter by 10 centimeter cut one piece per flower this is for the leaf this is five centimeter by 12 centimeter and the stem is one centimeter wide cut as many as you want

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