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– Hey guys, it’s Claire, and today we are going to make
a paper flower wall hanging. I love this project. It’s super versatile. And I’m gonna show you how to do it. For this project, you’re
gonna need floral wire, white construction paper, water colors, paint brushes, a hot glue gun, and hooks. The first step is take all
your white construction paper, cut it to the size of the flowers. I used four inch squares
and six inch squares. I cut about 60 because I wanted
a really big flower garland. Next you’re going to water color. Using the paintbrush, I painted circles since most of my flowers
have a circular shape to them and I really tried to make
the water coloring uneven, because I liked the
variety and the colors. That way it makes it look
more dimensional and more fun. I would suggest bringing a friend over ’cause it’s a lot of paper to water color, and crafting is even
more fun with a friend. For the six inch squares,
I painted both sides because this specific flower, you see both sides of the paper. For the four inch ones, I
did three different colors to make three more flowers. Once you’ve painted
all the pieces of paper and set ’em aside, wait for them to dry, and now we are going to cut
stems using the floral wire. I would say cut each piece to
about seven or eight inches just to make sure you have
enough to wrap around each other when you actually create the garland. Now let’s get in to the specific flowers starting with the piece of
paper that’s six inches. Take your stem and create sort of a little end of the flower. I used a paintbrush and
wrapped the wire around to create a mini spiral. Set that aside and pick
up the piece of paper. Take that and cut a big
spiral all the way around, and trim off the squared
edges once you’ve finished. Once your spiral is cut,
get the hot glue gun and glue a little drop of the stem on to the end of the spiral. Once it dries, begin to slowly twist from the outside of the spiral all the way until the inside. Keep twisting until you’ve gone all the way around the spiral. Once you have it tightly wound, slowly loosen it to
form the flower itself. Once you get that the shape that you want, add a couple of drops
of glue to the layers so that it holds in place. Let’s do the second flower. I call this one the daisy. Three pieces will equal one flower. Take each piece and fold it angle to angle in to three small triangles. Once you have that, do
a tiny clip at the end so that that’s the center of your flower, and then, like a snowflake,
cut out the petal. After you’ve done that to
all three pieces of paper, unfold it and you can see the flower. You’re gonna layer these
on top of each other. I rotated mine so that each petal was rotated a little bit, and then you add a drop of
glue to glue them all together. Like the first flower,
you take a piece of wire, create a little spiral at the end, and then slide it through
the center hole of the flower and add a drop of glue
to hold it in place. (bouncy strumming) Flower number three is a
lot like flower number two. You just use four pieces of paper, and you do sort of a wider
cut to create a bigger petal. Fold it, cut the center. Cut ’round the top. And then unfold them all. For this one, I wanted to
vary the thickness of each. The first piece of paper, I
didn’t cut any petals out. As you can see, it’s
all a completed circle. The second one, I cut one petal out. Third one, I cut two petals out, and on the last one,
I cut four petals out. After that, add some glue to hold them. Wrap them together. And layer them on top
of each other to create this dimensional flower. Like the other two flowers, take a wire, wrap it around, stick
it through the center, and add a drop of glue. Last but not least is
the one I like to call the Cherry Blossom. For this one, you’re gonna
need a few more pieces of wire that you cut to about two to three inches to create sort of a
multiple blossom piece. Take an eight inch piece and
a two to three inch piece and wrap ’em around each other so you almost have a trident shape or like a pitchfork. Next, you take one sheet of paper and cut three small circles out of it. In each of those circles, you do one slice with the scissors in to the center. Then, all you do is create a cone by adding some glue, wrapping it together, and then sliding it on to each stem. And finally, it’s time to
actually make the garland and put all four flowers wrapped together. I decided to do five separate strings, so I wrapped ’em all
together and twisted them. You don’t have to space them evenly. Some of them can poke out more. I think the more dimensional, the better. It adds a lot of vibrance to the piece. (lively, bouncy music) For mine, I put five hooks above my bed, and created five different
vertical hangings. For all of you out there
decorating your first home or your dorm room, this
is an inexpensive way to add a headboard, a piece of art, and the best part is,
there are no nail holes. Thanks so much for watching, guys. I hope you liked this DIY. Please subscribe and stay tuned. I have a lot more
projects comin’ your way. Bye.

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