How to make Magnolia Flower with Box

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch this is the project we’re making today isn’t it so
beautiful okay I’m gonna open it up so it’s a box let me give you the
measurements now I’m gonna change this up this is mossy meadow I wanted to see
what it would look like using petal pink so I’m not sure which one I’m gonna like
best until after we make it okay so this is gonna use an eight-and-a-half by
eleven sheet of cardstock and then we need whisper white for our flower here
and for our greeting petal pink for the center of the flower and then the
designer series paper this is the Magnolia Lane and this piece measure is
five and a quarter by three and a half this one measures five and a quarter by
one and a quarter and these two measure one and a quarter by three and a half
that’s for the sides okay so we’ll start with the box let me get the simply
scored scoring tool I’m gonna place it on the eighth and a half inch side first
I call that the portrait side and I’m gonna score it at one and a half on both
sides one of the half then on the 11-inch side I’m gonna score it at one
and a half five and a quarter six and three-quarters and ten and a half okay
I’m gonna take my scissors and I’m going to cut up to the score line on each of
these okay and now this side okay so down here on this half-inch
section what I’m gonna do is remove this and remove this and then just give this
a very slight angle Tramp okay nothing dramatic and then the rest of these tabs
I’m gonna trim those just a tad okay maybe a little more than a tab these
don’t it doesn’t matter how much you trim off of them but this half-inch
section it does matter okay now let me show you the template here that is okay
so we want to use the half-inch or the one inch circle punch for this part
right here one inch and then down here see this angle cut this is actually too
much we just want to give this piece right here just a slight angle trim okay
we might have to trim it a little bit more when we go to assemble the box but
we will know once we get there so I’ll let you know okay okay now I’m gonna
fold on the score lines so I normally do this step first but on this box I do it
afterwards okay I need to remove those okay so now for the adhesive we’re going
to use tear and tape on our four tabs even though I’m using petal pink this
time I suspect that I may like the mossy metal better I’m not sure I just I felt
like the mossy meadow made the flower pop but I could be wrong since I am a
visual person I really don’t know until I actually see it okay y’all have to let
me know what you think about the Magnolia sweet I love it so bring this
up and bring this up now for this one for these two tabs they’re gonna go in
here because this is the bottom of our box this is the top of our box okay
so I want to make sure that I line that up just like that and the same thing
over here line that up okay so that’s how it’s going to look
and now these are going to fold in and then this is going to fold down if you
trim too much on the sides then your lids not going to stay closed okay so
now let’s go ahead and add our designer series paper oh goodness gracious this
is why I need my silicone mat which we’re going to be using that in just a
minute for our flower okay so this is gonna go up here and now we’ll do this one
I love the Magnolia Lane designer series paper so beautiful okay
so right now I need to re punch that half circle well I didn’t get it all did
I there we go okay now it’s gonna show add in our paper this is gonna be a really long video
because first we have to make the box and then we have to make the flower I
probably should have filmed them separately okay
or maybe I’ll fast-forward through parts of it we’ll see okay so there’s that now
we can close up our box see very pretty now let’s make the flower so the first
thing we’ll do is stamp this image on whisper white cardstock with mossy
meadow ink and we want to stamp off one time okay so I’m gonna take nice this is
a scrap piece of light or this vice versa you know what I’m saying
I’m gonna be using one of them and not the other ones for the stamping off and
ones the one we’re gonna use okay so that’s the one we’re not going to use
and this is the one we are going to use so look at the difference now you can
you can use this one if you want I just prefer to have the more muted image okay
now well we’ve got this open let’s go ahead and stamp thanks and I’m not sure
I left myself enough room to cut that out so will stamp it two times just in
case we’re gonna take the light mossy meadow
stampin blend marker and we’re going to color and the leads we’re going to leave
the flower as it is because it’s going to be covered up with our white pieces I
can’t remember if I already mentioned this or not but don’t forget that when
you purchase the bundle of the good morning magnolia stamp set and the
coordinating framelits you do save 10% this is my quick and dirty coloring we
have a lot left to do so I’m just speeding through this I might even fast
forward this part yeah I’m not sure okay so we are finished
that’s quick quick and dirty and I think it looks pretty good it does have some
holes in there which actually makes it look good right okay so we are using the
Magnolia framelit to cut this out and then we’re going to be using the
rectangle stitched rectangle for our greeting and we’re going to be recutting
that to make it shorter so I’m going to get the Big Shot now you can use
whatever cutting system you have along with our dies okay so let’s start with
the beautiful flower and just want to make sure that I line
this up that looks pretty good well and it’s not straight on here so I
need to fix that okay so here’s that one we’ll set that aside and then now we’re
going to cut out and thanks add it right there okay so here’s my image what I’m
gonna do is place this die back on here and cut it again now I will tell you
sometimes it doesn’t come out perfect and if it doesn’t then we can try it
again I think if I turned the framelit upside down it might be I don’t know
I’ve never tried it since we’ve got this here let’s go ahead and cut out our
flowers we need one of these and two of these and we’re just going to cut those
out with whisper white cardstock so I’m gonna use this scrap piece I have here
and cut out one of those one of these and then another one of these and then
the final one that we need to cut out is petal pink with this little piece okay okay let’s bring all these back in here put this here okay so we’re going to
have the flower we’re gonna have one big one two small ones I’m going to put base
back on my magnet sheet so that I don’t lose anything and then now we want to
take the hot air balloon punch and we need to cut out five of these hot-air
balloons okay so there’s one two three four five okay one two three four five
look these look like little miniature flower pots
can you see that okay lanes were there right let’s get my silicone mat here I’m
going to be using petal pink pink with a sponge dauber we’re gonna start at the
bottom here okay so I’m just gonna brush up and that’s a little heavy so just I
always like to say dab off some of the ink but that part’s not going to get
shown so it’s okay same thing on these pieces okay no
actually you’re just gonna do the center yeah just the center on these I had one
more left of this one okay you’re done with that we need a one and a half inch
circle okay so one and a half inches this is gonna
be the base for our flower now let me show you this template I have here okay
this is compliments of Stampin Up so this is not one of my creations they
actually had a video showing us how to make this flower I changed the colors
okay so now that we have all of our pieces now what we want to do is we want
to curl all of these pieces everything but the circle okay and I’m turning them
upside down to curl them so that they curl up
okay so just remember upside down is how you want to curl them upside down me and
at the inked the inked image that’s a sponge and the same thing on these
you’re going to curl upside down okay last one okay so I think we are ready to make
this flower this is so amazing I’m gonna take my liquid glue with my
half inch circle and just put a dab of ink right there it’s really nice using
the liquid glue because if these petals don’t line up exactly where we want them
then we can move it okay I’m going to actually use my spatula end
of the take your pick tool same thing I’m going to put a dab of ink not too
much and I’m just going to line up the petals so that they they don’t touch but
they kind of they’re very close to each other okay so we’re just going to go our
way around the flower or the circle I should say the circle I’m gonna turn
this and after we add the last one if our flower is a little cattywampus
because we’ve used the liquid glue we can adjust these petals really quickly
so see I can tell right here that I need to adjust it a tad because look how far
apart they are so we just need to bring these in a bit okay hopefully that doesn’t stress y’all out
that I did that okay see pretty cute right so now the next step so we’ve got
this one same thing just a dab of ink right there in the middle and ideally I
like to turn these so that they kind of cover up the bigger gaps if you have any
same thing a little bit of ink I mean a little bit of adhesive same thing that was almost too much
adhesive okay so now I’m just gonna curl this up a little bit I want to switch
the end out here add that they’re gonna go right in the middle and then we’re
gonna take one of these can’t remember the name of what this is but it will be
on the screen now here comes the magic see it’s gonna go right over that now
I’m gonna I don’t know if Stampin Up did this or not but I’m gonna trim the stem
you don’t have to if you don’t want to but I wanted to okay so it’s gonna go
just like that and I’m actually going to use three dimensional since I actually
wanted to pump it up a little bit and then I like to just curl these up
just a little bit more I can tell I have a little too much space on some of these
so you can always move them a little bit closer before your adhesive dries of
course okay let’s get this box over here and I can tell I actually do really like
the mossy meadow better so so here’s our greeting right here
I’m gonna pop that up as well so I’m going to place the greeting first and
then I add the flower and I’m gonna use dimensionals again this is the
dimensional friendly project so have to let me know what’s your favorite and
don’t forget there’s an inspiration sheet over on my website that has a
picture with all the measurements and everything and a template for the box
okay so here’s the mossy meadow here’s the what did I call that what color is
that petal pink yeah pretty cute though right thanks a lot have a great day bye

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