How to Make Garnish Fire Bloom Chili

Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux. Today I’m going to teach you something amazingly simple.
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I’m going to get going now and at the end of this video you can check out all their
other videos by clicking on the link below. Let’s get going, you start off by taking
a bunch of chilies and just removing them because you only need one. You cut it in half
but leaving on the stalk part of it, then you just turn it and cut that in half again.
That will leave you with four pieces and all connected to the top part of the chili. Now
what you want to do is you want to take a very sharp knife and drag just the tip of
it through each of these four parts you just cut, to cut them again in half, to create
eight petals. You have to be very careful not to damage the other ones or cut through
the inner part of the chili. Drag it through very carefully and very precisely. There we
go, that’s all been cut. Now you just take this and you put it into
ice cold water, just like this. This is going to take about 30 to 40 minutes to happen,
so here we’re going to just fast-forward to now.
Okay, what’s going to happen is the water is going to enter the inner chili cells and
they are going to engorge with water and expand, the skin is going to remain the same. This
pushes the leaves outwards, or the petals outwards, just like this. What you are seeing
takes literally 30 to 40 minutes. Once it’s done that’s basically it, the fire bloom
is done. Then you literally just pull it out of the water and just put it to one side.
I call it a fire bloom because I asked my Facebook fans what they thought it should
be called and the highest voted suggestion was fire bloom, made by fan Panmata Von Blade.
Thank you very much Panmata, I really appreciate your input. If you guys want to also vote
something up next time or see photos before the video comes out, then go like the Facebook
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This is the end of the video, I hope you enjoyed this very short quick tutorial. One little
tip is do not touch your face or hands, anything up here once you have cut the chilies. It
will burn. With what I said before, I was thinking a lot of you probably have food blogs
already, if you do I would love to look at them or see them or just check them out. Write
down below the link to your food blog if you have one. If you don’t then don’t worry,
maybe write down the link to the food blog you love the most, just say it isn’t yours
if it isn’t yours. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this
and see you next week. Oh wait, wait, wait – hold it, hold it!
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Okay, thanks for watching. See you guys next week.

100 thoughts on “How to Make Garnish Fire Bloom Chili

  1. I love your vids simply because the style's completely the opposite of what I grew up with, low and slow BBQ. The Sushi concepts were completely alien to me, but I was infatuated after watching the 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' documentary, and then I found your channel afterwards. Watched almost every one of your videos since then and I appreciate all you put in to it, it shows. I don't have a food blog, but my Instagram's if you're interested in the other side. Thanks again for all the effort

  2. looks amazing!! :O
    i only have an food instagram.. but i'd love it if you'd check it out. and of course anyone else who loves food is very welcome! ((:

  3. Hi, I'm a student on a tight budget. Can you recommend a nice sharp but cheap chefs knife or gyutou that I can buy for cutting vegetable garnishes and occasionally meat? I know you've done videos on the Miyabi but its far out of my bank's reach!

  4. Some fair warning: use chopsticks to pick the chilli out of the bowl. The bowl may be deceptively cold but it the water burnssss! 🙁 I tried it this afternoon at 1300 and it's 2300 and I haven't a wink of sleep cos my hands are on FIREEEEEEEEEE

  5. It happens You Something cuts to function as a squid based canape ?

    pd . you're really good , cute and talented, I subscribed instantly

  6. Love your videos man, very inspirational. I'm attempting this with a Jalapeno right now (only peppers I have lol)

  7. good tipp!
    You want some foodblog?
    check out mine:
    (saddly not in english but pictures are international 🙂 )

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  10. buona idea. . good idea i use to do this with others vegggetables in wather with Ice and they open. .

  11. Wear a solid top.  I listen to you but stare at your top.  Love your videos.  I'm from Lumberport, West Virginia in the USA.  A small town with 700 people.  Love it here.

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