How to make Forget – Me – Not Flowers with Cold Porcelain or Gum Paste (2018)

okay so we starting with our
forget-me-nots now and I must say I am Not sure I would have dared to make it in
sugar because it’s one of those very very delicate little flowers and I’ve
not had much luck with keeping those safe even with Nicolas Lodge’s gum
paste which I find very strong and very nice and very very successful for all
kinds of flowers so, anyway, clay it is and when you choose
your cutter, make sure that your petals are very well very well separated so all
the way to the end as opposed to just outline to stop your individual petals crumbling off in case you
do an arrangement or what have you because it is by definition a filler flower isn’t
it…so one way for that would be to wire your individual petals but of course
that would be one hell of a job, really… this very simple shaping just using your
finger thinning and shaping of the petals is probably enough for most forget-me-nots, if you look online they are kind of quite simple straight
petals but some of them are shaped slightly different so you just have to
have a look… I’m gonna try and pin it on my Pinterest board the ones I copied and
these are the different tools with which you could vein those
petals if you choose to vein them at all… this is what I used it’s just a little
bit a little blob of silicone putty, which is shaped over the existing vener
and then with a made with a little holder that I find comfortable to use so
if you make your own silicone veiners, this might be something that you
would want to make for yourself but you could use some other tools as well or
simply skip this step all together that might look quite nice as well so here I’m going to curl my petals ‘cup’
them in just a little bit and I’m not sure that the actual flower goes like
this I just quite like this effect and obviously if you cut your paste or your
gum paste too thin then this ‘cupping’ would be hard to achieve or if you over
dry your clay so be mindful of that and as soon as you finish your flower simply
because it’s so delicate and small make sure that you keep it in a plastic bag
until you’re ready to move on to the next step . so here as you can see my cold
porcelain is quite sticky which is why I was fiddling with my cutter from side to
side for absolute ages until I managed to take it off… it would have been easy
if I just remembered to put some dusting over my board okay so this is to give
you an idea of my tool sizing and also whenever you roll a little ball for your
to filler flowers make sure you use very fresh clay or gum paste simply
because it dries and crumbs very quickly so I’m just playing around here really
trying to get the middle that i like with a nice little hollow Center in it
and I don’t want it to rise too far above the petal level which is why I’ve
decided to trim a little bit off … so whenever you try to copy a flower that
you see elsewhere just take a moment to have a very very close look at it and
then don’t be afraid to just use your common sense and customize your crafting
to kind of, copy what you see on the screen or maybe live, you know, don’t be
over reliant on tutorials or at least that’s what I find to be quite an
effective way to make flowers that look your own even in small ways… sorry my
camera is a little bit temperamental getting out of focus here and there…. …here you go..back in focus hello camera this little
mini skill ball tool is very very good simply priceless in working with small
detail if you want to buy one of them have a look in…. by comparison this is the
smallest one the usual shoot craft set… so if you want to buy one of these have a
look in clay supplies online their sculpture, working with clay and sculpture
and so on so yeah this is my middle it’s coming together I like the way it is and
now I’m going to show you what I do for kind of dusting the middle
this trick I picked up from Robert Haynes’ tutorial… basically to blend the semolina
down to make it a little bit finer even if it’s fine to start with and for
these centres… some of the centres are in white and then I thought of tinting
the clay a little bit to make them stand out a little bit more adding a bit of
glue and then I’m going to dip it in my semolina I think that the wire that just peeking through and
looking dark and mysterious is pretty much enough oh you could glue on
something else just a little seed or whatever that might be
with the superglue inside the middle it might give you an interesting organic
effect it really is up to you what you do with that middle you just go along
with your own tastes so now I am going to show you a basic
toning this bit only applies to cold porcelain obviously I am using oil
paints here they’re very nice these days not smelly and lovely… so if you go with
sugar paste then obviously you need to use dusts or what have you… I very much
doubt that edible edible gels would work in the same way on gum paste, because it’s quite porous. This brush is from cheap PRIMARK make up set. That said, I haven’t actually tried it so by all
means, let me know if you try it and it works or even if it doesn’t leave a comment… but if you do try this with sugar I’m very very strongly
suggest you try it on not a very dry petal but when it’s still
leathery kind of level of dryness because as I mentioned this particular
flower and all the little filler flowers are extremely fragile
if they are wired individually a little petals that they are extremely fragile
and it’s a huge huge shame to break your flower when it’s already put together
nicely and ready to go really this is probably the main way to tone hand made flower
petals make sure you don’t overdo on pain straightaway so just like with
sugar dusts applied bit by bit make it darker in layers so to speak and also
make sure that you take your time and blend the color down really really
finely and again with veins with this oil paints it’s much easier a job in a
way than with color dusts because the graduation the color comes so much
easier than it does with gum paste and dust but you know it’s something that is
quite scary to endeavor to start with but it’s certainly worth a try
if you work with cold porcelain now another thing to consider is oil paints
drying time … because this is a very dry paint toning chances are it’s not
going to smudge over other flower in your arrangement and interfere too much
but this is something to be considered if you do something like a huge amount
of foliage for example but um yeah research it try it out play with it and
there are also drying agents that speed up drying of oil paints on clay but I would cover this in some other video so now we’ve done with our toning and I
am going to add a little bit of stemming onto these little stems and as
usual it needs to be a little bit more liquid a little bit sticky a little bit
softer than the usual clay will work with so by all means use whatever tools
you find comfortable to get this… I find that watering it down once it’s on a
stem helps a lot and then use your fingers they are fantastic tool I mean
the downside of that would be having really messy fingers like hands I have on
all of my videos, so I do apologize for their aesthetics of my main tools that I
use … and then once your little individual flowers are ‘stemmed’, then
assemble it so it’s a little bit out of shot, so one by one arrange it around
the main stem to your liking really might want to have a look how they put
together and you can glue them together to glue them to the main stem with
superglue to have a really nice and neat, but I find that super glue is
not very reliable in gluing them to the stem …if you know otherwise or know of
super glue that is more Super than the Super…by all means drop me a line, it would
help everyone but other than that just use minimum amount of the tape and just
smooth it down I’m going to show you a very lazy and
easy way to cover a delicate a very tightly spaced stem like this… the
better way of doing it would be to just really work on it individually stemming
it down and this is the quick way a beginner’s way or a quick way of doing
it and it also looks better than just than just the tape in my opinion but
obviously you know jury is open I’m sure some people would look at this method
and shout and scream that it’s untidy and horrible but I think sometimes it’s
nice to save time and sometimes it’s also nice to take things in little steps you will be able to see from the picture of the dry flower it does look better
when the whole thing is dried and um here we go … your little
forget-me-not is ready…. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please subscribe and I
will see you next week when I’ll tutorial!

13 thoughts on “How to make Forget – Me – Not Flowers with Cold Porcelain or Gum Paste (2018)

  1. I'm fascinated by you wonderful work, Christina. Forget-me-not is one of my favorite flowers and yours are perfectly done ❤️

  2. Вот этот маленький беленький предмет для придания фактуры лепестку-самодельный?очень понравился.первый раз встречаю такое

  3. Здраствуйте, вы супер, даже не зная языка всё просто и понятно. Но на русском тоже хочеться посмотреть. ))

  4. Все замечательно!но почему они фиолетовые а не голубые?

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