How to Make Flower Arrangements for Weddings : Choosing Flowers For Wedding Floral Arrangements

Hi this is Diana for We
are going to be talking about wedding flowers and I am going to show you examples of roses
that you can pick for your wedding bouquet and corsages. You can also pick other kinds
of flowers, I would recommend going to the florist and seeing what kinds of flowers they
recommend that are long-lasting. You can also look in your bridal magazines and see what
flowers are generally used for bouquets. I would not recommend picking flowers from your
backyard unless you know that they are long-lasting. Some times garden flowers do not last a whole
day and usually you will make these a day ahead of time. I have chosen here today some
mini spray roses some are open and some are a little bit closed and a larger rose, it
is white with a little pink edge so they will match together perfectly.

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