How to Make Exotic Flower Arrangements : Understanding How to Utilize Foam for Flower Arrangements

POOJA JAIN: Hi. This is Pooja from Valaya
FNP today on behalf of Expert Village. One, two. Any sharp knife or a cutter can be used,
and this arrangement can very easily be made at home as well. All the waste now, it is
has to be certainly intact in terms–not like a proper radius circular but it has to be
on the circle frame as well. As you can see the entire, this is like a semicircle which
is being made. Now this semicircle, we are going to be inserting it. If you see it closely,
there are certain gaps which are around the frame but it does not matter. We will start
cutting our second oasis now. All this is a waste. While you cut it, the only thing
that you need to be careful about is the intact size which we have cut through by just turning
the base upside down; otherwise, even if there are certain margins left, you can just fill
it out with the extra oasis that you have because these can use as fillers in between.
The reason why we are not just using the whole waste and sucking it in because I need a good
solid base where all my stems are going to go; it has to be a solid frame like how we
need the soil for the tree to be planted, it cannot be in bits and parts. Similarly
to the oasis, it cannot be in bits and part; it has to be a whole slab which is being used.

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