How to make easy Rose Boutonniere Corsage

Obtain a fresh rose. Cut the stem shorter and leave about 1.5 inch long of the stem. Cut a thick florist wire about 6 in long. Get the green floral tape ready. Poke the floral wire through the stem at the spot about 0.25 in from the base of the flower. Bend the wire and twist the wire down along the stem. Use the green floral tape and tape down the stem with the wire together. Get some foliage to be added with the rose. Here I got some Italian Ruscus stems. Arrange the wired rose and foliage together. Tape the wired rose and the ruscus stems together. Tape the wire all the way down. Use a pen to roll the excess wire from the bottom. Now you can use the boutonniere with the pins. Same procedure to prepare the wired rose with foliage. Add filler flowers around the rose. Here I added some baby’s breaths. Make a wired ribbon pick. Arrange and tape the ribbon pick with the rose and baby’s breaths all together. Now you can use the corsage with the corsage pins. You can also use this corsage to decorate a glass vase. Cut a strip of ribbon. Tie the ribbon with the corsage stem. Tie the ribbon on the vase neck. Here we go~ A small decorated vase with rose corsage.

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