How to Make Easy Flower Blossoms in Gumpaste

Blossoms are really fun to work with I’m gonna teach you how to play with these
plungers I’m using gumpaste here but you want to
use fondant, make sure to add some tylose to it. I have rolled my gumpaste very thinly, you
can see my fingers through it. you wanna roll it this this because it
makes the flowers look more delicate. Look how thin it is! Almost like paper. I’m gonna be using the
big plunger You want to place it over the gumpaste, wiggle it, You want to make sure it cuts the gumpaste. Usually it sticks inside there, and that’s a good thing. I’m using this small piece of foam just for the tutorial. But you want to find something bigger.
You want to press the cutter against the foam and then push with the center of it. That will give you a nice shape to your flower. What is so great
about this? You can move fast and when you’re
making cakes, faster means money, so you just wiggle, Press and go to the next. And you keep moving like this. Why
did I suggest a bigger foam? because you can keep working and
making flowers in a bigger space. For the smaller
flowers you can leave them in the foam to dry
but the bigger flowers will require a little bit of help. You
can either push the flower inside the cavity to have more shape or, you can leave them almost to the top so the shape is less. This depends on what
you’re trying to achieve. This are not realistic flowers but they are beautiful. You can use them
in cupcakes, you can use them in party cakes and you can use them in wedding
cakes. they are fast and very cost effective. You can
make many of them let them dry for a week and then save
them in a box they will last forever. Just make sure you
store them in a dry area. You can pre-color the gumpaste or
you can paint them. In this one, I used a Golden highlighter. then I added a Golden dragee in the
center, but keep in mind you can use royal icing or buttercream to
finish them. In this cake I used all the sizes of the plungers and then I added the Damask
Lace. All of these is available at my website.
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