How To Make Daikon Flower Garnish

Welcome back to another video, I’m Chef Devaux
and today I am going to teach you how to make a beautiful piece of garnish out of this Daikon
and you can place inside a sushi platter of any food dish and it will look so much more
professional. Okay, let’s get started, let’s go.
How To Make A Daikon Flower Alright so to start off what I have here is
a Daikon, and what you want to do is just cut a block about 10cm to 15cm wide, preferably
on the widest part of your Daikon — just like this one. And then you press in with
the knife and what you do is you move the knife up and down slightly so by just putting
no pressure you have to have a very sharp knife and you just slowly rotate your Daikon
piece and feed it into the knife blade. Okay and once you reach the end of the skin
you just cut it off. Okay this you throw away and now you begin cutting your Daikon. Again,
you put your knife into the Daikon flat to the surface of the Daikon and you start feeding
it in again, you want to cut about 1mm thickness, no more no less and you want to have a continuous
sheet without any breakages. Just keep rotating and keep feeding and patience is a virtue
here and make sure you do not cut yourself. It is very important to have an extremely
sharp knife because if you have a blunt knife you’ll be forcing the Daikon much more than
you need to and you’ll end up cutting yourself. Alright so once you’ve cut your Daikon sheet
what you do is you fold it over on itself and then you start cutting at a 45° angle
going through half the sheet. They should be about 3mm to half a centimeter thick, all
the way across the sheet. Once you’ve finished cutting you start rolling on one end and you
go all the way around tightly rolled until you reach the end, and violà, that is your
Daikon flower arrangement done. So now you know how to make this little beauty,
and now you can add it to your food and just elevate your presentation that much more,
and just make it look much more professional. Now to make this you obviously need a Daikon
and you need an extremely sharp knife, like this one for example. Now I took my Miyabi
knife and I sharpened it beyond the point of factory sharpened. I actually went and
sharpened it with a wet stone to the point where it just cuts through the Daikon like
if it was liquid, and to prove this I’m going to take this knife and support it very lightly
in the palm of my hand and then drop it through a piece of paper. Now it doesn’t require me
to force it down, it just slices through, I’m not even holding the top of the knife,
it’s just the weight of the knife itself. Now to get it to this point you need to use
a technique called water stone sharpening, and you can check out my video how to do that,
I’ve shown it before and the link just appeared on the top left corner of your screen.
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