How to make Bath Bombs with Flowers Inside (LUSH inspired DIY bath bombs) | Natasha Rose

hey guys today i’ll be showing you how to make some surprise bath bombs! and what I mean by that, is that they’re a surprise because when you put them in the waterflowers come out! And I have made a bath bomb tutorial before, and so many people were asking me to make another one so finally (like two or three years later) here it is. Also I’d just like to say: make sure that when you get the flowers (I ordered these online) you buy dried flowers that are unscented and don’t have any dyes added too them. That’s just because you don’t want to harm anyone skin. So I got these on ebay, I’ll put a link in the description box if you want to get the same ones, but basically they’re all natural, no fragrance, no dyes. Also I’m in a new place and I still haven’t figured out how i’m setting things up so that’s why there are weird echoes and every time my background is probably different in like the last three or four videos. So just bear with me! And that plant is 100-percent just there to cover up the mess behind me. Anyway let’s get started! To begin with you’ll need half a cup of corn starch, half a cup of epsom salt, half a cup of citric acid and one cup of bicarb soda. Mix them all together in a bowl as thoroughly as you can. These are all the wet ingredients you’ll need- if you have sensitive skin or you don’t want to use essential oil you can just replace this with just an ordinary oil (such as coconut oil). Next you need to mix those together as best as you can- and of course water and oil is always going to resist mixing but just do your best. And if you have a spray bottle this will make things a lot easier but it’s not entirely necessary. We’re going to be using that to mix the two together because it’s really important that you don’t put it straight in or you’ll get a crazy reaction and then your bath bombs won’t work. So you can either spray it in like this or just drop it in slowly and mix it quickly until all the wet mixture is gone. Next we’re going to be using these plastic moulds (you can buy these on ebay I’ll link some in the description box below) and you’ll also need some dried flowers. Pat the mixture into the bath bomb mould, but leave a well in the center. Place a little handful of flowers in the middle and then put more of the bath bomb mixture on top of that. This is because we want the two pieces to stick together… and then just squish those together. And this recipe will make two to three bath bombs. You can also put a pressed flower on the outside of your bath bomb which looks really cute. Leave for 24 hours and then it will pop out of the mold easily- if it’s a little bit stuck you can bang the top with a fork or something heavy and that will just help loosen it. then it’s done! Thanks for watching! if you guys like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up to let me know that you want to see more videos like this, and as always if you’ve got a video suggestion you can totally leave it in a common below, and I have a little notebook where I write down all your video suggestions. also i’m thinking of doing a couple more lifestyle kind of videos on this channel, so if you’d like to see maybe a morning routine, or something about capsule wardrobes and minimalism or something like that, let me know in the comments, because i really want to make those kinds of videos but i also want to make videos you guys want to see. Anyway, with that being said i’m going to end the video here i hope you guys have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time!

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