How to Make a Wedding Floral Centerpiece : Adding Sunflowers for Making a Wedding Floral Centerpiece

Hi! I’m Ruth Dehoyes, and I’m here with Expert
Village to show you how to do the perfect centerpiece for your bridal occasion. She
wanted a few sunflowers. You have big sunflowers; you have little sunflowers and they always
have the dead parts in them. When you get the sunflowers, they grow toward the sun.
They don’t grow straight up and down. This one’s kind of crooked. You’re going to have
to take off the dead leaves and kind of arrange your arrangement to how the sunflower is facing.
Everything has a face. You don’t want the sunflower to be facing the back of the arrangement.
You want the sunflower to face forward. What you’re going to have to do is just cut it
a little bit better and face the flower in the middle so where it has its face toward
the front. These are pretty straight. You have to cut them for your basic design. This
one is straight up and down and it’s asking for sun, so we’re going to let him be at the
very top.

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