How to Make a Tropical Floral Arrangement : Tips for Making a Tropical Flower Arrangement

GREG HAREM: Now to add the finishing touch
to the arrangement, which can usually either be an anthurium in red. They also come in
pink, coral or green or even purple. Again, I love this just for the waxy kind of quality
for them. Or if you wanted to, you can also use a monstera leaf, depending on your personal
preference. Me, I love Anthuriums. And this is going to be very, very close to the base
of the vase. So you want to keep about so, ’cause this is why I left the greenery open
in the very front, ’cause this is where you’re going to place your last element, which is
your anthurium. Just stick it right underneath everything. And if a lily gets in the way,
chop it off. Just kind of play around with it a little bit, and there you have your tropical

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