How to Make a Tropical Floral Arrangement : Picking Greenery for a Tropical Flower Arrangement

GREG HAREM: Let’s talk greenery. Now for tropical
vases, you always want to build a good backing to your tropical. Most tropicals are one to
three sided so you want something very dramatic in the back. That can be created with your
tea leaves, which is a lighter green here with a slight, kinda reddish stripe at the
edge. Also the darker tea leaf, smaller tea leaf, which is one of my favorites with the
much more stronger edge to it. A monstera leaf, which actually goes in the front. All
these would be kind of curled up, which I will show you later on, to give it more of
a kind of a pillowy kind of a feeling. Most florists carry tropical packs. And in that
tropical pack, it includes greenery, and one of them is a palm frond. Like I’ve mentioned
before, it’s lighter tea leaf and the very dark tea leaf, which is also so great to use,
and your darker tea leaf. So next, we’ll be greening our container.

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