How to Make a Table Flower Arrangement : Picking Flowers for Table Floral Arrangements

Hi, this is Susan Paxton for Expert Village.
Today we’re doing a center piece for your dining room table. Specifically with fresh
flowers. We have chosen our little dish, and we have put our foam in it. Our floral foam.
And had previously soaked the floral foam so it’s good and wet. We added water, and
then we added greens so that it would make a nice full arrangement. Now we are going
to add a few flowers. Different flowers give a different atmosphere. If you did all roses
in here, it would be a very formal arrangement. And maybe a little on the romantic side. If
you used all daisies, you could have a country type of arrangement. And if you mixed your
flowers it would be just a beautiful big round bouquet of flowers. So the choice is yours.
You could go to a flower shop or sometimes maybe even go to your local grocery store.
Although, being a floral shop owner, I don’t recommend buying flowers at the grocery store.
Mostly because they have normally been there for some quite some time and mostly because
they have not been treated as delicately as we treat our flowers. In the flower shop when
we get our flowers, we treat them with special flower food, and treat them with special flower
food. And trim them especially to be able to soak up that flower food. And that way
they last longer.

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  1. It would be incredibly helpful if ExpertVillage would number these videos. I've spent more time trying to find them all and get them in the correct order than I have actually spent watching them. Useful content, but incredibly inefficient.

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