How to Make a Table Flower Arrangement : Cutting Floral Foam for Flower Arrangements

Hi, this is Susan Paxton with Expert Village.
I’m here to discuss flower arranging today, specifically for your dining room table. Today
we’re going to do a flower arrangement in a little floral cup, a centerpiece cup, and
in order to put our flowers in there we have to have some floral foam like I showed you
in the last segment. We soaked our floral foam and got it good and wet. This particular
dish takes a third of a brick, so I’m just going to use my knife, cut the floral foam,
and put it in the dish. I want to be sure to put the holes down so that it will continually
soak up the water. As we’re using our centerpiece and having it sitting out, we want it to be
able to soak up water to keep the flowers hydrated. We add a little water to our dish
so that the flowers will stay hydrated all the time we’re working on it. And now some
of the things, if you’re doing a centerpiece like for an elegant evening of dining, and
you want to add a candle, they have little candle cups that go in the foam. You just
poke it right in and you can put a candle. We do a lot of those like at Christmas time,
Valentines, we use a red candle. Christmas I’ve used white and red. Our Thanksgiving
centerpieces we use an orange candle or maybe a tan candle. I’ve even had some that are
like a pale green that look really nice with the flower arrangement. If you have a larger
candle and you want that, now this particular dish would be a little bit too small for this
type of candle in your centerpiece, but if you’re doing one of the larger bowls you could
easily add a larger candle to it. So those are some of the options if you were doing
for a formal, sit down dinner.

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