How to Make a Table Flower Arrangement : Cleaning Flowers for a Floral Arrangement

Hi, I’m Susan Paxton on behalf of Expert Village.
We’re here today making a center piece for our dining room table. One of the things that
we need to do is clean the flowers. Now this is called a Puruvian Lily or autra maria.
And the leaves turn brown very quickly. So we try to remove all the leaves from the flowers
and so that they don’t, so that we only have the flowers left. And that way your center
piece will look nicer longer. If you leave the leaves on the leaves will turn dark before
the flowers ever fade. So you want to remove all the little flowers, I mean all of the
little leaves. Now after we’ve taken off all the leaves. Now we’re going to cut the flowers
loose from the stem. And I’m only going to take the flowers and I’m going to poke them
into our center piece. Now these are not very open, but these Puruvian Lily’s open up so
beautifully and add so much color and texture to our flower arrangement that we’re just
going to put them as many places as we can. So that when they open they will be big an beautiful. A few more
of those and we should be ready to add other flowers.

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