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Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
decorates are you looking for a great Get well gift idea? Well stay tuned! So
the floral I’m going to make today is going to be more of a cluster floral.
I’ve got a wider mouth container. I chose a white one because I’m gonna have a
little color in the fluoresce themselves. So I’m gonna go ahead and put my
styrofoam block in there all the way in there, alright, and then I’m ready just to
add my flowers! I chose a really soft pink peony and
then I’m gonna pair it with a white flower so you just begin right in the
middle so I place all the pink peonies in the container.
I put a big full one in the middle and just dispersed the rest evenly
throughout the container. Now you have the white flowers but I need to trim
these extra leaves off first. We’re going to place the white flowers
in between the pink ones and again, evenly dispersed throughout the entire
arrangement. So I’m going to take my filler and I’m
gonna put it in the base of the container and I’m gonna put a few all
the way around and kind of bend them so they kind of flow out of the container. We’re going to add just a little bit of
these little white flowers but they’re too short to hit the styrofoam so what
I’m going to do is I’m going to cheat and add just a little bit of hot glue
before I stick them carefully in between the flowers. Adding the little white flowers that’s
named baby’s breath and the greenery that trails off the side of the
container, this is a gorgeous realistic looking flower arrangement and makes an
excellent gift and the best part, these flowers are never going to die. Thank you for watching my video. If you
have any questions leave them in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe to
my channel, we’re gonna have a lot more fun videos coming your way. Have a great

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