How to make a simple paper flower centre/ DIY paper flower / paper flower tutorial

you need 4 paper pieces in size approx 2 x 8” a hot glue gun and a pair of fringe scissors there is no any specific length of paper needed though take 2 pieces of paper and fold in half press cut a fringe on the folded side NOT on open side) leave approx 1 cm / 1/2” till the edge of open side cut all other paper pieces you can use regular scissors too, but 4 blades ones will make this job faster 🙂 I use Martha Stewart brand now open folded papers and turn them inside out do not press much at this step, make it gentle look how soft and neat edge looks now now roll fringe gluing it as you go fix the end properly add the 2nd fringe and roll again this is a knob made with just 2 pieces of 8” long paper fringe #3 and #4 4 pieces of 21 cm / 8” long paper form this size (and look) flower centre now you can ‘fluff’ your mini centre and double fix all layers of paper together applying a bit of hot glue at the bottom of it That’s it! EASY! Mini Simple Spiky Centre

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