How To Make A Flower Arrangement : How to Decorate a Flower Arrangement for Size & Shade

Hi I’m Kelley Johnson with “K Nicole Redesign”
for Expert Village. Let’s add a few roses now and I’m going to
trim these to the right height that I need for this arrangement. As part of your prep
work you do want to trim your stems but you may want to save a few until you’ve actually
started your arrangement because you may trim some of them to the wrong height that you
need. So it’s always a good idea to hold back on a few of your stems in terms of the trimming.
So now I’ve spent a lot of time on this side so I’m going to spin this so we can work on
the other side and that way you can see what we’ve done. We’ve added some height here,
we placed a rose to fill in that space and give it a nice line and we’ve added this sort
of army green color to compliment the green that’s at the bottom and also to break up
the yellow toned flowers that we’ve placed.

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