How To Make A Flower Arrangement : How to Add Height to a Flower Arrangement

Hi I’m Kelley Johnson with “K Nicole Redesign”
for Expert Village. So I think today I’m going to use my little grape clusters as the focal
point and my centerpiece. And we can always change it up if we change our mind a little
bit later. Then everything else will support the center arrangement. Again remember this
is 360 degrees so you want to decorate from all sides. We’re going to put our lilies in
here. And now I’m going to put one on the back pretty much in the same position but
on the other side.
Now we’re going to go to the sides and probably want to start changing up our flowers a little
bit. I’m going to place a hydrangea.
Notice I’m using flowers that are in a similar color tone. It’s not the exact same color
but it’s very similar so each color compliments so it lessens my worries about, oh is this
the right flower, is this the right color? If we keep it simple then it’ll always work

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