How To Make A Flower Arrangement : How to Add Color to a Flower Arrangement

Hi I’m Kelley Johnson with “K Nicole Redesign”
for Expert Village.
Now we’re going to start adding a little bit of color but it’s still relatively green.
Here we have a little bit of a tint of purple. You want to make sure that you’re using different
styles of greenery to give some texture and variety. Now we’re going to start with the actual flowers
and I like to start in the center of my foam and then start with my highest point in the
center at the top. So select a flower that you want to be your focal point in the arrangement
and one that pretty much as some height to it. I’m using hydrangea’s, we have some iris’s
and we also have some eucalyptus. Roses are always very classic. So that’s a classic piece
and I’m using roses that have a nice wide bud to it. Other pieces that we’re going to
use throughout the arrangement are what I call filler so they’re just, not necessarily
a flower, but they add some nice bulk and color and texture to your arrangement.

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