How to make a Bridal Bouquet DIY Video Tutorial

Hi my name is Ellie. Today I am making a bridal bouquet I have 7 roses I am using. Pick the best rose for the center and then add the others to it Now I am going to tape the stems with floral or cloth tape to hold them together You may have to adjust the flowers as you are making the bouquet Now add the accent flowers Now tape them and go around all the stems Make the tape nice and tight Now add the smaller flowers Trim the stems if necessary to make them even Now starting at the top of the stems take the tape and go all the way around and down the stems to the bottom Make sure you cover the bottom of the wires so you don’t poke anyone with them Now I have a handtowel that I have trimmed the edges off. I am going to fold it in half Lay the towel flat. Take the end of the Bouquet put it inside the two layers and now roll the bouquet stem in the towel. Try not to get any wrinkles in the towel. Now use the tape again and go around the towel all the way down the stem Make sure you cover the top of the towel with the tape Take 2 pieces of satin ribbon lay them flat Place the bouquet stem on one ribbon half way down the ribbon and then fold the ribbon over the satin and tape at the top and repeat with the other ribbon on the exposed side of the stem and tape at the top Now take a longer ribbon and fold the top over about 1/4 inch and pin it to the top of the bouquet making the needle point go into the flowers. Wind the ribbon down and back up the stem at a slant When you come to the end of the ribbon fold the ribbon over at the top and pin it to the stem. Making the pin point into the flowers Add a bow if desired Thanks for watching! Hit like and subscribe to come back to TheQueensCraftshop

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