How to Make 2 Beautiful Floral Cards Coloured 2 Ways!

welcome to Altenew it’s Take 2 With Therese and I’ve got two cards to share with a stamp highlight and it’s this fun
stamp set here which is called charming doodles.It has coordinating dies and
also a mask stencil I’ll just be using the dies today I thought I’d shared two
different ways to use these flowers and two different ways to color them and
then make two cards so I’m going to be doing some stamp layering it’s a really
easy stamp set to layer it’s only got the solid color for the center and then
the outline layer and I find it easy if I’m going to go to the effort of lining
up these things and these images in my Misti I might as well stamp a few out at
a time and I am using quite a few different
colors here from a couple of families I’ve used the spring bouquet set and the
golden sunset because I wasn’t sure which colors I was going to use this is
going to give me options for my bouquets and what colors I want to put together
but also it’s going to give me extra flowers so I can make another card so
you might have noticed that I’ve been flipping my cardstock around stamping a
couple of images at the same time using the same color and that
just saves time when I use the outline stamp here I like to do it after I’ve
stamped the solid color line it up over the image and pick it up with the lid of
my Misti I’ll do one at a time that way I don’t accidentally bump one of the
stamps while I’m lining them up and I’m using the Obsidian black ink it’s a
pigment ink from Altenew and it has a real bold sharp detail outline it’s
great I love it I’m using on everything at the moment I also did a couple of
colors in the leaves and these greens were from the spring bouquet set as well
this is a bit of an unusual combo set for Altenew it actually has six inks in
the set it has three greens and three pinks it’s a really versatile set. and I did the same thing here I did the
outline with the obsidian black after I’d stamped out the greens and I did
come in with the coordinating dies and cut out all of the images and I didn’t
share that with you but it didn’t take long because I could do them all at once
I thought it would be a lot of fun to create my own panel here and I’ve got
some design paper and this is from the verdant walk paper pack this is the
black and white a fairly modern but I has a sparse sort of pattern on I
thought look really nice with these bright flowers and I’ve lined up two of
the dies from the nesting labels die set to make a panel size and I did that
twice so the second time I just did it out of some 80 pound Neenah card stock
and then I can line up the design paper on top of the card stock so that it
gives it a little bit more support because I’m wanting to pop this off the
front of my card and the design paper just isn’t heavyweight enough for that
it would bend I wouldn’t like that all right so I have a sentiment here which
is from the crystal frames stamp set and I’m white heat embossing that on some
black cardstock and wiping away the excess powder that I used to stop static
after the ink had cooled down or the embossing ink had cooled down and I
actually am lining this panel up over the I want to get the sentiment in the
right spot in the hole in the back so I just lined that up just on my craft mat
and then I adhered it to the front of my card it’s much easier than trying to
work it out before like I said I’ve popped up the wide frame that I created
with the nesting labels die and then I just use some glue tape and some foam
dots to add my little bouquet of flowers and I like to sort of work out where my
flowers are going to be first before I commit
but the good thing about this glue tape is that it is forgiving because you can
lift up your images and then move them around and adhere them down but once
it’s been sitting there for a while they will hold strong it’s just until the
glue kind of sets but it is a little bit movable and I’ve got some enamel dots
here from the new day stamp set and I’ve used the matte finish ones which I
thought worked really well with these colors I like the pink and the yellow
together it’s really pretty alright so my second card today I’m
using similar colors and similar products but getting a little bit of a
different look what I decided to do was some artist marker coloring so using the
alcohol markers so I’m using the permanent black ink this time and I
seriously think I need to reink my ink pad it’s so dry but I persevered instead
of inking it I don’t know why I was in a hurry it’s kind of makes it worse
because I should have just taken the time to re-ink it and then I wouldn’t
had to come in with my Copic multiliner at the end and do some touch-ups
anyway I stamped the whole panel with the largest flower from the set and it’s
kind of the largest single leaf and the set and like I said coming with my Copic
multiliner I did create another wide frame using the nesting label star here and
I’m just very gently removing the painters tape so I didn’t want have to
start again and I find if you kind of roll it back on itself and pull very
slowly I don’t have a problem with the paper tearing although some card stocks
do tear a lot easier than others and I thought this time I’m only actually
going to be coloring the frame portion of this card
they cut the bit that I’ve die-cut out and I’ve got two of each color like I’ve
got two yellows and two of the purpley pink colors and I’ll
I have the numbers at the blog as well so that you’ll be able to see which ones
oh you can see them off to the side as well forgot they go have a look you
could see exactly what numbers I’ve used right here and I thought it would be fun
to actually color the stripes of these flowers in different colors in the two
different colors and I didn’t do single stripes in each of the colors I decided
it would look better if I did them in blocks so you’ll notice that some of
them are in groups of two some in groups of three and some in groups of one and
just sort of did the pink and the yellow flowers near each other
and I didn’t include all the coloring because it’s pretty much the same and
it’s really simple anyone can do this coloring it’s probably the hardest thing
is trying not to go outside the lines but I like to use the this like the
sketch sort of point of the pen not the bullet but the good thing about the
artist markers is that they do have a bullet point and if you feel more
comfortable doing the smaller areas with them then it’s a great option to have I really thought initially when I was
planning out this card that I was going to use the mask stencil to add the color
over these flowers on this particular card but I don’t know I just had an
epiphany and I thought it to be fun me to use the actual artists markers
instead but I think that the mask stencil would have been another fun way
to add add color I just like the fact that this by using these I could
actually add the stripes and that is a detail I had a thought but I’d like to
color around the edges of the flowers here in black and I don’t use my black
alcohol marker very often at all and I hesitated before I did this because I
wasn’t sure I thought I was gonna like it but….. what have I got to lose I’m gonna give
it a try and I’m really happy that I did initially I was going to go for a like
the BG sort of family of that blue green kind of color or pale blue and keep it
safe but I’m really glad I went with the black because it’s nice and bold heaps
of fun I’m adding a sentiment it’s from the crafty life stamp set and using the
black ink yet again I’m a bit addicted but I did decide to use my Misti to line
it up I am stamping directly on the front of
my top fold card and that’s why I had all my pieces in place before I stamped
so that I knew I was going to stamp it in exactly the right place for my die
cut I am adding the outline border of the nesting label that I’d I cut earlier
but I’m not colouring I didn’t color any of this portion in and then I have
popped up the actual frame on I must say I did use the Neenah 110 pound cardstock
for this frame and I’d usually don’t like coloring on that with alcohol
markers but it went really well I think I’m getting used to it and as a
final touch I have added some of the heart and them all dots here and one
thing that I like to do with those is to actually add a drop of glue behind them
and I use my matte medium just to make sure once I get my placement right then
I know they’re not going to shift so don’t forget to like this video if you
liked it and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already as always heaps to
see here until next time bye

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