How to get Petunia flower throughout the year/সারাবছর পিটুনিয়া ফুল ফোটান (With English Subtitle)

Hello! in this video, I am going to show you how to plant petunia plant and how to keep them alive for the whole year the seedling of these plants is available in any nursery on the winter season. now, this is the month of July. I have planted these plants in December. here the soil I am using on the roots area that is the mixture of 50% potting mixed soil 40% rotten leaves and 10% compost you can use cow dunk mixed water as an organic fertilizer on the roots area of these plants to keep the growth of the plants right at an interval of 15 days and also we have to mixed half teaspoon urea or nitrogen in 1-liter water and have to spray that mixture on the leaves at an interval of 15 days give water daily so that the root-soil doesn’t get dry when they started to blooming I hung them on this side of my garage this is the view of the end of the winter season after the winter season when the sun temperature is increasing then leaves of the long branches will be getting dry because the soil doesn’t send that much water to the leaves of the long branches as it needs to keep them alive that’s why this time we have to cut off these long branches like I am cutting here at a distance of 2 inches from the roots area now many new small branches coming out from the roots area and started to blooming this time as long as the sun temperature doesn’t decrease till then it would be better if you avoid the nitrogen and urea mixed water

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