How to Draw Flowers & Hand Letter | Basic Tips!

Hi everyone, today I am going to give you
some basic tips for drawing flowers and hand lettering to use in your journal or anywhere
you want. I will be working on a more in depth tutorial
soon, but hopefully this gets your creativity flowing! I decided to make postcards out of these drawings
and I’ll walk you through how to make these too! Even if no one sends these anymore, you can start today! It’ll be the perfect surprise in the mail. To start, I cut watercolor paper into X4 4X6
inch rectangles and deckled the edges by carefully tearing the paper with a metal ruler. I would suggest using any thicker paper such
as poster board or even mat board for these. You might not be able to deckle the edges
but that’s fine! My watercolor paper started curling after
a few days so I don’t want yours to bend in the mail. Before I jump into using my inking pen, I
am going to work out my sketch using pencil. Which leads me into tip number 1. Always use a pencil to start sketching. I’ve been drawing all my life and I still
use a pencil to start. Unless I really want some hairy lines in my
final piece. This way, when and if you mess up, you can
erase it and try again. Another reason to start with a pencil is that
you can work your layout or subject without committing to it just yet. This the best time for you to cast your fears aside and explore! When I started drawing flowers, I used real
flowers as reference and most of my past drawings were very realistic. I didn’t like that very much and wanted
a more loose style using my imagination. I cannot tell you the names of any flowers
that I draw today and I actually don’t think they even exist. So Tip number 2 is that the beauty of drawing
flowers is that they are very forgiving unlike hands, which are my weakest subject! Anything can be turned into a flower if you
add a stem and some leaves. So don’t worry so much about referencing
a flower for now and come up with one of your own. Experiment with different shapes and petals,
add a center and then draw some leaves around it. I’ll go into detail about referencing in
my drawing tutorial later but for now, play around with this idea and see what happens. For the postcard set, I want two of my cards
to be flower focused and the other two will have a word and flowers around it. So this first set of two is more like a cluster
of flowers, similar to a bouquet or a centerpiece. I am not referencing anything for these right
now and I am just simply letting the layout take form, once I draw my center flower or
flowers. Which leads me to tip number 3: Try drawing your flowers into a shape, it
can be a circle, a diamond, or an oval. This will help you to practice your layouts
and kind of force you to think about your flower size as it relates to the overall layout. So use different size flowers, make some large,
pick your focal point, and then fill in with small leaves, stems, and more flowers. For the other set, I had to reference the
font on the computer since I do not have a natural script handwriting, it’s pretty
bad without the internet actually. I didn’t have a specific font that I was
referencing, I took letters and curves that I liked and then morphed them into what you
see here. It took a lot of erasing to get to this! So for Tip #4 as it relates to hand lettering
is to look up fonts online and try to recreate them. You may need to trace them at first to get
used to the curves, but once you’ve practiced writing them a few times, creating a script
you like, gets a little easier. Also play around with adding some thicker
areas to the script and see if you like them. I decided to make these more decorative and
sporadic around the script words “travel” and “dream,” as opposed to the other two
that are more center focused. This way the set is balanced. This leads me to my fifth, final, and most
important tip for this video as I start the inking process: When it comes to drawing, art, design, journaling, anything creative, anything that requires you to make real what
is in your head or developing an idea into something tangible, there is always a feeling
involved with it. I know it’s really deep when I tell you
this, but listen to the feeling. Not the self doubt or the fear of failure,
but the feeling of whether it looks right or a little off. That’s the creative intuition speaking and
you want to train it. So expose yourself to as many things as possible
that inspire you. Look at illustrations of books, blogs, and
magazines and pay attention to the placement of text, the size of each element, and just
study it. It’s the same thing if you were to put on
clothes that doesn’t quite work with your body and it just feels off. So train your creative intuition because it’ll
be important as you go through your journey of finding a style. And as we’re talking about feelings here,
there is something so special about writing and receiving postcards that always fascinates me. No matter if I was writing or receiving one,
they both made me think of a place other than where I was standing, no matter what image
was on the other side. It’s crazy really, I can’t explain it,
except that it is so similar to being immersed in a book or movie. So I wanted to create imagery that hopefully
does the same thing. I wanted it to be intricate but delicate with
the different lines weights, Simple but made of many elements, and just something magical. I am starting to think that fairytales are
my thing. Once I added some more little details with
my micron, I decided to erase some of the lines this time because I want the focus on
the inked areas versus my line progress. Now that the images are done, I added a little
image on the back, divided the space in half and completed the postcards with a place to
put a message, stamp, and address. I hope that this video was helpful and I can’t
wait to work on more in depth drawing tutorials for you. I also hope that this video inspires you to
create fearlessly and to send a postcard. I will be working on getting a version of
these into a shop, so follow me on instagram for behind the scenes sneak peaks and future
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if you liked it and want to see more DIYs, inspirational chats, and more. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll
see you next time! Bye!

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