How to do a Dreadlock Braid Floral Halo Tutorial

hey everyone its unique and welcome back
to my channel Nique’s Oasis yeah so today I, I know I look kind of
different right? I haven’t done a hairstyle tutorial in a
while but i was inspired to do this but my big sister fashion princess J. She also
did this tutorial but not with the flowers she did the halo crown by itself
umm…And I was like….Girl, you need to do this ASAP so i can do my spin on it and she
did finally did. So, big up to yeah I decided to put some florals and
my hair some flowers originally I wanted smaller flowers but
i could not find my little ones so i just took us up my Hawaiian necklace and
decorated my crown in the front. You can do that if you want two ladies. But I used
needle and thread no pins but you can use pins in your hair. so this is pretty much like a quick
10-minute probably or less hair style depending on how fast you go I was trying to take my time with this
video. So i will be doing this more often and summertime create the summer the
spring i would even do it for the fall just find some like Fall looking colors
and trinkets.. I don’t know or even shells gosh, I must try this hairstyle again
with something else. Just add your own style to it. Spice it up and make it you. Stay tuned for the tutorial and i’ll see you at the end. I hope you all did enjoy it. If you like this
video don’t forget to thumbs up. Thank you for all your support. I know the flowers are kind of big yeah
but you know… they’re working. It’s very Boho chic. They doing somethin. This one kinda got on my nerves because that thread just sort of made it go flicked it a way so just
work with it. Just work with ladies and it’ll come out to how you want it. Ok? Long as you happy, it’s all good! Remember to stay haute and keep it cool:)

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