How to Decorate Buttercream Flower Cupcakes

Transform a plain batch of cupcakes into a vivid bouquet using Tip 104. With a tip 104 pipe spiraling layers of
ruffles starting at the edge of the cupcake Use Tip 104, wide end down to pipe cornelli lace on the top of the
cupcake pipe tri-level rosebuds over the top of
your cupcake using a Tip 104 use Tip 104 to pipe three layers of petals with the wide end of Tip 104 pipe a ribbon rose from the center to the
edge of the cupcake pipe 2 upright petals side by side using
a Tip 104 alternate your colors as you cover the
cupcake for a different look flip tips, so the
wide end of the tip is up for more rounded look

100 thoughts on “How to Decorate Buttercream Flower Cupcakes

  1. I found the tutorial to assemble the Wilton Twist Quick decorating coupler very helpful.
    Thanks so much. Now I will experiment using different tips to create some amazing decorative cup cakes.

  2. I'll have to try some of these cupcake decorations on my YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing, Wilton!

  3. Hello there, just asking.. What is on the the top when you make all the decorations? The wider one or the smaller one? This is one of my fave decorations for my cupcake..

  4. These are stunning! What kind of buttercream was used in this tutorial? standard American style buttercream or a meringue buttercream?

  5. prettier Dan ever! cn I use whipping cream instead f d butter cream Fr making same flowers n shapes?

  6. Congrats, you just spent five hours making twelve cupcakes that will be eaten in less than ten minutes. Seriously though you must either be a really bored housewife to have time for this or really want to show off in front of your friends/enemies.

  7. I Been making cakes for many years now mainly for family and friends, basic icing . I just recently started using these tips in more depth. Im having so much fun learning new skills. Such beautiful designs.😊😊

  8. I'm kinda mad right now because I'm paying thousands for bakery classes and I don't know how to decorate with butter cream or any kind of cover because my professor doesn't like to decorate with buttercream. She uses fondant and avoid things that requires icing. Is really frustrating, but I really thank you for this tutorials. 💙 Love them and have helped me a lot.

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