How to Crochet the Flower Stitch – Stitchorama by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to crochet the flower stitch. For a sample start with the chain forty or
any multiple of three plus one. Skip the first chain and single crochet in the
next chain and single crochet in each stitch across. When you get to the end chain one and
turn your work. For this row just single crochet in each stitch across again. At the end of this row we’re going to
insert the green color. Start your single crochet then finish it with the green
yarn. Chain 3 and turn. For this green row we’re going to do a
v-stitch in the next stitch, which is a double
crochet, chain one, and a double crochet. Then skip two stitches and in that third
stitch do another V stitch, which is one double crochet, one chain, and one double crochet. Skip two stitches and in the next stitch do the V stitch again. Skip two stitches and continue with this
pattern across the row. After your last V stitch make 1 double crochet in the very
last stitch but before we finish that stitch insert in the pink yarn. Chain 3
and turn your work. In each of the center of the V stitches we’re going to do a
three double crochet puff stitch. To begin make a double crochet but don’t
finish it. Make a second double crochet but don’t finish it. And then make a
third double crochet without finishing it. Yarn over and draw your hook through all
the loops on your hook, then chain two. I’ll show this again. Begin with the
first double crochet, next a second double crochet, finally the third and
final double crochet. Yarn over and draw through all of the loops on your hook. Then chain two. Continue with this three double crochet puff stitch pattern in
the middle of all of the V’s across the row. At the end make a double crochet in
the very last stitch and switch back to the white yarn. Chain one and turn. On
this row we’ll start off with a single crochet in the first stitch then a
single crochet on the top of the flower. Then two single crochet stitches in the
previous chain two space, a single crochet on top of the flower, and two
single crochet stitches in the chain two space. Continue making a single crochet
on top of the flower and two single crochet stitches in each chain two space
across. At the end place one more single crochet in the last stitch, chain one, and
turn. On this next row just make one single crochet in each stitch across. At the end we’ll be switching back over
to the green color again. Chain three and turn. For this row we’ll
repeat what we did for the other green row. Do your V stitch in the next stitch. Skip two and another v-stitch. Once this
row is complete follow it with the pink-flower row then two single crochet
white yarn rows. Continue this for as long as you wish, ending with two single crochet rows. And that’s how I make the flower stitch.

98 thoughts on “How to Crochet the Flower Stitch – Stitchorama by Naztazia

  1. I just Looooove your channel! Beautiful projects, very well explained and straight to the point so they are just perfect in length and time. Thank u so much!!!

  2. and since Halloween's coming up do you have any fall or Halloween or Thanksgiving Stitch designs for any upcoming projects?

  3. Como sempre um encanto de trabalho! Quando vem a notificação e eu estou sem óculos, mesmo assim sei q se trata de NAZTAZIA

  4. Now i tried and it worked out surprisingly easy for me to make the puff stitches i normally hate 👍🏻 BUT my problem now, is the color-change??? 😳 Do you disconnect the yarn between each section where the color is needed, cause to me it looks like you add a new end of strain each time you change between the colors 🤔😮 I’m confused 😮🙉

  5. Donna, beautiful pattern. I will buy the yarns and make this. I love your teaching method.
    Great channel and awesome crochet 🧶🧶🧶🌻🙋‍♀️🐦

  6. Hi Donna, as I saw the pattern I thought that must be difficult. But than I followed your video, and it was simple. Thank you so much to teach me this lovely stitch.
    Kind regards from Germany

  7. Hello Donna!
    Can I please ask what hook size you're using and yarn weight? Also, your nails are always so darn beautiful! 💅

  8. Thank you Donna a very pretty stitch pattern, and a great tutorial as always.  I think I will make a small blanket with this stitch and do it with different colored flowers alternately.

  9. You took something that looks difficult & made it understandable & easy! 👍 Thanks for showing me how to do this stitch! 😉
    Till next time. 💚

  10. Could you make this into a hat( like the first 3 or 4 rows) then finish the rest of the hat with sc? I love this. Would be adorable for a little girl baby blanket. Could do each row different color like a flower bed.

  11. Hi Naztazia very beautiful pattern, can this be made to be used on square space on a whatnot. Watching from 🇯🇲 Jamaica

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