How to Create Different Flower Arrangements : Shaping Oasis Foam for Flower Arrangements

POOJA JAIN: Hi. This is Pooja from Valaya
FNP, today on behalf of Expert Village. After pressing it, all my extra foam which is there
I would be cutting it with my cutter. The reason we need to press it is because it’s
going to take grip to the, and join itself to the vase. All this is just a waste. A sharp
knife is really important while cutting the oasis that goes–the edges have to be cut
well. If they’re not cut well, it might make the foam weak because it already has water.
Once the foam becomes brittle, it cannot take the flower weight. So I have to ensure that
there’s enough water in the oasis, they have to be soaked really well, and the knife that
I’m using to cut my foam, it has to be really sharp enough.

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