How to Create Different Flower Arrangements : Prepare Flowers to be Added to Floral Centerpieces

POOJA JAIN: Hi, this is Pooja from Valaya
FNP, today on behalf of Expert Village. Now, he would be using these flowers. It is basically
used as a foliage to add on a different green look to the whole arrangement. It is not a
wild flower, though.
It is always better to trim the stem of the flower into two places, be it just half a
centimeter or even a centimeter, because then it becomes fresh. The whole stem becomes fresh
and then the water supply in the stem makes it quite easy. Even when you are doing the
touch up of your arrangement, if you plan to take out all your stems maybe in two days
time or the three day time, after three days you definitely need to cut the stem and trim
the stem of the flower again. These are soft balls. Now, these are really soft. If you
see it is like a paper feel and it is hollow from inside. A lot of people, they think that
the flower has gone bad and they throw it away. It is actually not bad. This is how
the flower is.

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