How to Create Different Flower Arrangements : How & When to Add Cotton to Flower Bouquets

POOJA JAIN: Hi, this is Pooja from Valaya
FNP, today on behalf of Expert Village. Wire basically gives us the grip and it holds the
cellophane or the paper or the stems together. Once this is done, now my second sheet comes
wherein I need to cover the stems of it. I can place my bunch wherever right now because
the water is not going to come off as it is tied up with the cellophane and the wire.
I take the sheet and I have to cut it because there’s quite a gap and my–if I use the entire
sheet, it’s going to make it quite thick and ugly-looking. I cut the sheet into 2 equal
halves. One of the half now that we would be using-[SPEAKS INDIAN]. Now as you can see,
my 2 feet has become a 1 feet sheet. This again, I need to fold it right from the center.
This is how it’s going to look, which I’m going to use it to wrap it around to the lower
stem of the bunch.

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