How to Create Different Flower Arrangements : How to Add Ribbon to Flower Bouquets

POOJA JAIN: Hi, this is Pooja from Valaya
FNP, today on behalf of Expert Village. Once it is done, I just need to trim the edge of
it. Now as you can see, the pink ribbon is not even visible on it. It is getting matched
with the whole fabric that we have used on this. Just to add a little fancy touch to
it, I am using two shaded thing, which is painted green, which I will be wrapping it
around here to make a fancy bow on it. For this I would be needing at least a three meter
of the ribbon. Never mind though. It is basically just the strings of the ribbons that I need
to gather together. Over here, I have taken at least six to eight strings of each color.
I have like four of green and I have four of pink here. I cut it up to after a length
of two meters. And now we would be wrapping it around.

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