How to Create Different Flower Arrangements : Arrange Flowers within a Floral Centerpiece

POOJA JAIN: Hi, this is Pooja from Valaya
FNP, today on behalf of Expert Village. Over here we will be using around six to seven
stems of phalaenopsis which would be adding body to the whole arrangement. As you can
see, my arrangement is falling straight right now. To give it a little flowing look, I am
using these flowers. My procedure remains the same. I take the stem of the flower and I insert it in the tube, which are already
prefilled with water. The reason why I have been using this flower is because my whole
arrangement is giving quite a straight look. I wanted something drooping out of it, which
is not taking much of an area. Therefore, I am using these flowers, which are drooping,
but I would be tying it up with the wire to give it a straight look. Now, when I use it
here, my procedure remains the same. I just have to tuck it in the test tube and then–here
we go to different levels. We would be tying it up. I have stack my stem in any direction,
any which way and then I would be using the whole wire to entangle it until I tie it up.

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