How to Create a Floral Centerpiece : Using Oasis for a Floral Centerpiece

Hi! This is Diana for Today
we’re making a floral centerpiece for your table. I’m going to show you how we measure
and get our oasis ready for the container. Oasis you can buy at the florist or at the
craft store, and it usually comes in a brick twice as long as this one is. I’ve already
cut this one in half because for this size of container, I only need half a brick. I
just had my knife; I put it inside the container lightly. Don’t smash it down because it’s
supposed to be above the container 1 or 2 inches so you can put your stems in around
the side. So put it lightly in your container, make sure it sticks up, and then you can use
your knife to cut off the sides. Then we have to soak the oasis in water. Get a container
that’s big enough to hold your piece and lay it on the top. It’s going to sink as
it absorbs the water. Don’t force it in there; just wait a few minutes and it will
absorb the water, then you’ll be ready to put it into your container.

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