How To Arrange Flowers With Michael Ealy And Manny Jacinto

– I’m here with Michael
Ealy and Manny Jacinto, who just got engaged and is
beginning to plan his wedding. So one of the biggest parts
of a wedding is the decor, which I’m sure Manny, he’s
going to be doing all of it. What’s better than flowers though? I love flowers not just for
weddings, just you know any day that ends in y. Well our next guest is here
to help Manny out and show us how to create the perfect
arrangement for a wedding or any special occasion. Please welcome lifestyle expert and trends center Theodore leaf. – Thank you for having me. (crowd applauding) – First of all, I just want
to point out you’re already my kinda people cause you’ve
brought alcohol to play with this. – I mean, you really can’t
do it without alcohol, right? – I think that’s the way to go, yeah. – It makes you a little more creative. – Yes just get those
creative juices flowing. – Just get them flowing girl. – So what are we doing today? – So we are actually going to
create a beautiful arrangement since Manny is getting married. You’re going to be picking
things like this out, right? – Yeah. I know you’ve been dreaming
about this since you were a little boy, right? – Yeah. – Really just planning it
out and obviously you want to impress your wife. I know she loves flowers, Michael, right? – Yeah. – So what better way to
impress someone than with some gorgeous flowers? – Am down lets do it. – One of the biggest trends,
by the way, with this little setup that we did here is dried
and fresh flowers together. – I love that. – That way you can keep
them, have a little memento and then you don’t have to water those. – It’s the lazy way. – Exactly. – How do you come up with
like putting it all together? – Well, you got to have a plan. First of all, you gotta have
a plan and you gotta have, you’re gonna have just a
couple of little things. First of all, we need
a base, very important. We also need some scissors. The secret is this clear tape. – I never knew this,
but yeah, y’all do this where it separates them – I’m showing you all the secrets. – You just do a little
crisscross and then it gives us a place to put things and
obviously we need some… – And then they’ll fall
all over the place. – They’re not all over the
place,you need them actually like – Spanx for flowers.
– This is what… – Spanx for flowers? (laughs) – A new product
– I mean I would know. What’s first? – So yes, obviously we
need to have the flowers. These flowers are actually
from an amazing website called pedal driven. I’m from Ohio and the only
place I could really find good flowers was at the grocery
store, which that’s not gonna work for something as amazing as this. So you can get flowers sent
to you direct from the grower from anywhere in the world. Ecuador, Holland. We have things from all over the place. These came from California. – Okay, nicely done. – So to start this, we actually
wanna get all of our big stuff first. – So okay, the big greens? – Yes. So grab your beautiful… – Not all of it right? – no, you just grab a couple. – Yes was gonna do that. – So you just put those on this side. You don’t even need to cut them too much. it’s okay hun just put them in there. – Its okay honey. (laughs) – A little on this side now
grabbed the feathery one. – Y’all still on green. – Yeah
– its okay – So the tip here is really
to start with your filler. Your filler is gonna
take up a lot of space. Look at you, you’re doing great. – I feel like I’m almost done. – We’re almost there. Next thing is… these are also bleached. These are bleached hydrangeas. – I love hydrangeas – Bleached hydrangeas looking amazing. – And then you’ve got a star. How are we doing over there? – Kinda just winging it. – Manny you already got the Pullman. I love it. Perfect. – Wait, what the Palm.
– You guys are on the filler – I like this one. – Isn’t that cute? – Yeah, this is fun. Now we’re grabbing our roses. So the reason is we
grabbed the filler first. That’s more affordable stuff
and then you put your roses in, which was really your star. – Yellow Rose of Texas. (crowd cheering) – Can I show you a trick? – Yes. – If you want your Rose to be
nice and open, you can take a little canned air. – What? – Why not do it again? – Wow. It opens in a bit. That’s cool. – Try this. – Here you can try it. – Okay cool. – So you can open your little roses. I also take off the dead little if there’s like a dried
edge, you do that too. (crowd laughing) – You guys are having
fun with that over there. – I got some that want to close back up. – And then this is star of the show. Can you imagine this
tropical isn’t this Gorge? And then you just tuck this in
here and I need a couple more roses. Now the most important thing
is you got to step away from your work and have a look at it. I kinda did this towards the
front, but you just wanna turn it around and you’ve got to think about where are the flowers gonna go? Are they gonna sit… Is there like… (crowd laughing) – Go Manny, go Manny
– Go Manny, go. – What the heck does mine look like? – We gotta to step away. – Oh my God (laughing) – No Kelly its beautiful. – They looks horrible. – You need a couple more roses. – The boys are better. – Just put couple more roses in there. – Just keep adding. – Aaw. That is alive. (crowd cheering) – Thank you so much Theodore
this are so gorgeous

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