How to Arrange a Bouquet of Flowers

Hi I’m Krystal from Snowberry Botanicals.
Today we’re going to learn how to make a bouquet the Headwaters way. So, today the bouquet we are making is made exclusively from Headwaters blooms. Start by selecting a couple spurts of foliage. Kind
of start creating a little bit of a circular motion with everything
you use. So I have mint blue Purim and then this is lilac. I’m going to start
with a peony. Next is Primrose. People with small hands sometimes have a hard time making a bouquet because the stem mass can get large. So if that happens in
that case have some ribbons or tape cuts and you can always bind as you go and
it’ll help you keep things in place. Next I’m going to add in some of these beautiful
ranunculus grown by another local farmer. Next we’re going to
add in some anemones. Cosmos. I’ll add in some yarrow. So if you find that the foliage is covering some of the blooms you can always just cut it away as you
work. It’s nice for have it there to begin with is it kind of gives you the
structure but if it’s overshadowing we want to see the little faces
rather than the lilac sprouts, at this point. So always remember to turn the bouquet as you work. We’ll add some bachelor buttons to another pretty accessible garden guy.
One of my favourite things to use is clematis. Lots of people don’t associate
that with the cut flower but it’s amazing wildlife, so beautiful and the
movement on it is unparalleled to anything else, I think. So here’s some
poppy pods from poppies that have been spent from spring so we’ll use them. They’re in
the garden. They still look gorgeous. Okay another guy that’s common: hosta.
Hosta’s great. Okay so one of my favourites, sweet peas
will definitely add some of those last. They have a smaller stem so always keep
in mind everything should be drinking. So shorter stem you may want to add in last or you’ll just want to make sure your vase is really filled
with water and the stems are all in equal length. If you’re
finding it hard to turn while you want to add in those last couple blooms, just add
a little bit of string. Biodegradable if you can. Just gently lay it down if
you’re not comfortable holding it while you tie. Give it a loose tie there because
we are going to put the bouquet into a vase so that will help keep the stems
together as well. And then with very sharp floral shears or garden shears
you just want to give all the stems a nice angled cut. Okay so here we have our bouquet done
the Headwaters way

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