How I Preserve Flowers | dried & pressed flowers

Hello everyone! In this video I will show
you how i can easily preserve flowers The first one is by drying them and the
second one is by pressing or squeezing them. So let’s start from selecting the
flowers we can keep and dispose others that can be kept. In this example roses
and baby breath can easily be preserved. Basically the method I use is by
observing the stem. If the stem is quite dry like a stick then it can be
preserved by this method but if the stem is more likely too soft or contained
a lot of water inside then it will be difficult to preserve it. The next step
is by wiping the excess water since I picked them from my vase and it is
important to start the process before the flowers begin to wither. See, when the
flower starts wither or too moist there is too much water so the
rose has to be disposed. The next step is to hang them upside down for this I need
to attach them with a string like this way. The same goes for the baby breath I
chose to hang them next to my window. You can hang them exposed to the sun to dry
them faster The next method to preserve is by
pressing them for this some clean piece of papers and a heavy book will do. Let’s
cut the baby breath. Before cutting them think of where you will use the flowers
once pressed. I personally use them for decorating my bullet journal or to
decorate letters or envelope that’s why I cut them in small parts. I think that it
will look good if the baby breath is pressed inside a photo frame too. Then
arrange the flowers on the paper they need some space and don’t superpose them
because they have to be as flat as a paper in the end. So gently press them I
also made two other sheets of baby breath and I wanted to try to press some
rose petals. I chose this book since it’s cover
itself are heavy it’s perfect to squeeze the papers inside and I also squeezed
the book between the other books and the shelf. And we are good until here. Wait
until two to three weeks and here’s the result. The baby breath are completely
dry. The roses found like chips that will
crack anytime. I’m quite happy that the rose color is quite dominant. These are
flower I dried from last year. Just to show you that these flowers are still
the same and well preserved. They were white before by the way the roses. Uhmm.. I don’t remember the name of this
flower sorry Then let’s peek on our pressed flower. They are so thin and this is perfect for
decorating my bullet journal or else. These are other flowers from last year’s
summer. Some bougain villa which keep their colors so nice and these are the
rose petal I pressed before. Now let’s make a nice dried flower bouquet. I will surely
dry more flowers if I have fresh flowers in the future. This is also a nice way to
keep this beauty for a long time even if they are dried and seems dull I think
that they still bring a romantic and precious touch. See they look so beautiful. It can also be
an idea to offer a dried bouquet for someone special like a recycled bouquet
sounds so ecologic! And this is how the pressed flower
looked like on my bullet journal it gives the different interesting texture and a touch of nature. I let the other branches of baby
breath hanging as a decorative element for my desk and a beautiful bouquet on
my shelf. So that’s how I preserve flowers what do you think? I hope that
you enjoyed watching my video and got some inspirations. Thank you so much for
watching and see you on my next video bye!

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