How Can You Spot Fake Perfume?

Leslee first fake news and now fake fragrances everywhere yes they are and tell you what we found at the lab basically we broke down all the ingredients from the fake and real fragrances and they were completely different Karen the chemist of the lab she’s not a fan of fragrances whatsoever because they have something called phthalates in them which we know are hormone disruptors but that being said we found banned phalates in the fake versions of these fragrances and the ban phthalates actually can cause cancer so very scary is it virtually impossible when looking at the bottles in the packaging because I cannot tell any difference I know this is the real this is the fake if I turn this around so I consulted a lot of investigators counted counterfeit investigators for this piece and they would tell me look for this look for this for example they said with the Daisy the center of the box the flowers should be perfectly centered with the gold dot and the fake ones they’re not but as you can tell this they’re both perfectly centered then but with the Daisy you can tell that some of the flowers on the edges are crooked they’re not perfectly shaped but if you don’t own the real fragrance it is so hard to know these things and a lot of the information online like the cellophane breehn loose and all the information is like how to spot fake it’s not accurate anymore because these counterfeiters have gotten so good that it’s very hard to tell the difference by just looking at the box but there are a lot of things that you can do once you get the box and open it how does it look inside the Box how is the perfume sitting in the cardboard inside because they’ll skimp on things like that this was the best fake this for Sachi right here I have this perfume at home I couldn’t tell until I got home and I brought the fake home and it was the stem and you can see how it doesn’t look like it fits properly in the bottle as opposed to this one it kind of is so faint it just fades into the actual fragrance itself another thing I want to talk about though when it comes to fragrances is the grey market the grey market of beauty it’s 63 billion dollars of sales in the US every year and the grey market is essentially let’s take a big designer like Chanel or Estee Lauder and they say that their products can only be sold at department stores but you find them showing up at discount stores you find them showing up at drugstores and that’s called products diversion or the gray market now the best case scenario with the gray market you’re gonna get a bargain because things are cheaper but you’re gonna get something that could possibly be very old you don’t know how it’s been stored or you could get a counterfeit because there’s an overlap there and we found that some of the gray market perfumes that we put the batch code in which is an actual code that’s the bottom of every fragrance that shows where it’s made and how old it is the gray market perfumes four five years old the ones that we got at a department store were about four months old difference if you’re going into a department store not as big of a risk now because of the way they’re purchasing Emilie they know their suppliers but online discount stores buyer beware so clearly with perfumes there’s a shelf life is what you’re saying they loose it loses this punch after amount of time that the essential oils and I guess that’s what it’s all about what gives a certain thing a fragrance so my big concern in learning and reading about some of the results you found from the lab and then also the FBI has released that when they’ve tested these fake perfumes they’ve found chemicals like ethylene glycol which is actually a chemical in antifreeze very toxic can be very irritating the skin people can have allergic reactions and can get rashes from this a lot of these fakes also have heavy metals like aluminum and so as these evaporate on your skin you’re actually inhaling those which is also quite irritating so so I agree endocrine disruptors possible carcinogens in your case you found banned yes phthalates in your lab investigation which are known carcinogens I mean just really scared of yeah as a dermatologist I’m curious if your belief when it comes to perfumes in general fake are real less is more less is more is that I think that’s the takeaway and then also know what you’re buying that if you do love that perfume go through an own channel of distribution be very careful about it and these are women’s products but this is a whole area for men to that they’re pushing men and and like spraying every nook and cranny I mean it yeah these these fool it’s just like wake up in the morning no need to shower just spray this cold all over you people developed colognes right in France because they didn’t bathe us frequently years hundreds of years ago and they didn’t have access to the water so they used to mask those normal odors with perfumes and colognes and it’s kind of scary that it’s coming back to that for the record there’s no masking a terrible odor there is a washing away the terrible there’s no masking is almost more putrid with cologne or perfume great investigation you

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