HOLIDAY CARD #8: Christmas Floral Arrangement Watercolor Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome if you are new here So this is gonna be my last holiday card. I hope you guys like this one. It’s gonna Be just like a holiday floral arrangement So I’m just gonna start by creating a couple of circles which are gonna. End up being roses Very simplified roses, I’m using a crimson red here And I’m just going to paint those in with my number 14 round brush all of the Supplies that I use are gonna be listed below as usual So while I wait for those to dry I’m going to mix up a little bit of indigo with SAP green, and I’m gonna start creating some circular style leaves I’m using a smaller number 6 brush here and I’m pulling out some of the tops of these little circles. Just to kind of make them a little more leaf like Now I’m switching to my other number 6 round pointed brush Just because this one has a pointier tip and with a little burnt umber I’m just creating these sort of squiggly very light lines for the branches and Then with indigo blue. I’m just creating little dots wherever I want this sort of baby’s breath Floral type stuff to go and I’m just gonna keep on adding in leaves and different little pieces of Floral things wherever I see A little bit of white space or wherever I think needs filling in So with different shades of green I’m just sort of creating little leaves wherever I want them to be placed and I’m gonna add the stems in afterwards Then with indigo once again I’m using the same number six pointed brush And I’m just creating these little circles some of them are gonna come from behind the flowers You just want to make sure that if your flowers the red is still wet that you leave a tiny little space of paper So that they don’t bleed together. and then with burnt umber I’m creating those little stems for those sort of baby’s breath type Floral pieces whatever you want to call them And you just want to make sure that each dot sort of connects somewhere, so you want to connect each one to a branch So then I’m taking the very tip of my brush, and I’m lightly drawing in the stems for those previous leaves that I drew And I’m adding a little bit of veining detail to the circular leaves Now here I mixed up a darker shade of the red This is definitely an option that you can do for the flowers. I wanted to show this to you This isn’t gonna be how my final one looks, and I’ll show you in a second what I ended up doing So this is kind of my process of seeing what I like and what I don’t I started adding in some gel pen Highlights and I didn’t like it so I just instead went in with a darker shade of indigo and created little shadow detailing on the bottoms of those circles Now I didn’t like how The dark lines looked on these flowers, so I just took a wet brush, and I blended those out You guys this happens with watercolor painting you might do something that you decide later You don’t think looks very good This is actually my second attempt at this card And I wanted to leave this in just to show you that I don’t always get it right every time and I do make mistakes And I try to fix them the best that I can Even if it means starting over from scratch, so as I said This is the second version of this card the first one I didn’t like I scrapped it and this is kind of the the New result. So I just blended in that darkness with the crimson again So that it’ll give me a brand new fresh base to start with So now I’m gonna let those dry and then I’m gonna go in and add some detailing. Alright so now that those are dry. I’m taking lamp black and a number three brush I think, and I’m just adding these sort of oval centers to the crimson circles these are going to be the Centers of the flowers and I decided that I wanted to do lighter detailing on the flowers instead of a darker one like I did previously so here I am just trying to mix up a lighter shade of the red, and it just kept turning out to pinkish so I decided to kind of go with it use the white and I’m actually just going to use the white as a base. This is a white ink that I’m using I’ll link it below as well. You can also just use a white acrylic or gouache or Something more opaque than watercolors So once again, I’m gonna let that dry and I decided to use my handy dandy Gold watercolor paint that I am obsessed with as you know and I just went over those white Lines so that white just gave it a nice base to be able to let the gold really shine And I think it looks really good for a Christmasy sort of feel You can do any of these methods for the roses that I have showed you Really, just do whatever you think looks the best I really liked the shimmery little detail that the gold adds. I just I don’t know I love it so much so There’s the final card It wasn’t too hard. Hopefully all of you beginners are able to pull this off. If you enjoyed the video Please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next video Thank you so much for watching my holiday card series

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