Higher Temperatures Mean Higher Pollen Count

rose ann: YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK FAR TO SEE A CAR COVERED IN POLLEN. THERE’S PLENTY OF IT AND THE WARM WEATHER IS PARTLY TO BLAME. IF YOU’RE WANTING RELIEF FROM THE POLLEN, IT WON’T BE COMING ANYTIME SOON. METEOROLOGIST THOMAS GEBOY SHOWS US THE MAIN POLLEN CULPRIT RIGHT NOW… THE OAK TREE. Thomas: Well if you’re like me, you like to have a clean car and that’s been difficult over the last few days. It’s been warmer than normal and there has been plenty of sunshine and there has been no shortage of pollen. Right now, majority of the pollen is coming from oak trees and while oak trees are beautiful, they can produce a ton of pollen and that makes it very hard to clean cars and on top of that it usually means allergy season gets hit pretty hard. Leonard Caputo, MD – Medical Director and now with the warmer weather we have seen a literal explosion of problems associated with oak trees. A mature oak tree, ONE, can produce 400 pounds of pollen in a single season. Thomas continued: and with the amount of oak trees in Mobile that’s a lot of pollen. Warm temperatures will continue to fuel an active pollen season, but pollen season in Mobile never really ends. Dr. Caputo continued: It’s one season to the next. A person in Tennessee once said that TN is is allergy alley. Well I think that Mobile down the line is also a part of allergy alley because there are these overlapping seasons that are different from northern tiers where they are well defined. Here they overlap and are long lasting. Thomas continued: So, if you are struggling with your allergies it might be best to consult with you doctor and good luck keeping those cars clean.. I know I need it… In Mobile, I’m meteorologist Thomas Geboy,

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