HIGH LOOT LOCATION Secret & Where to find Cherry Blossom SAKURA Tree in PUBG Mobile

In today’s video I’m going to show you a
secret spot where you need to water a tree for it to blossom and it will drop
amazing loot CouCou everyone welcome back is your host GV
and I hope you having an amazing day three videos in a row let’s go!
you probably already notice with my voice how tired I am I was not planning on
making this video but big shout out to Kunal for telling me about this
secret spot we found it in classic matches and custom rooms in the same
location which is the hill with a house next to the bridge I’m pretty sure everyone
knows where this is once you get there you’re going to see a pretty much dead
tree that is going to have a picnic to make it work it’s pretty simple just get
to the picnic a water button is going to appear and after that the loot is going
to appear exactly inside the tree remember that because you don’t want to miss it
and at the same time that tree is going to start blossoming just like in a
hanami the famous Japan’s cherry blossom festival also it works the same way as the
birthday cakes and actually the loot is pretty similar if not the same so let me
show you really quick a time-lapse of this transformation It looks pretty cool in my opinion
so when you are ready just go to the picnic press the button and pick up your
loot you can get level 3 stuff suppressor for snipers level 2 helmet
level 2 Vest a lot a lot of med kits and one time it actually dropped a full med
kit, level 3 backpack and a freaking flare gun absolutely insane and if
you’re thinking about going to the picnic that is located in Zharki think it twice
because it’s not going to work I already tried so don’t waste your time going
there big shout out to the Mythbusters team for helping me record this video
and also a big shout out to the pro clan USSR especially Hanazz for being
here with us and if you learned something new today don’t forget to Like
share comment subscribe really helps a lot I’m really sorry is a short video but
I’m actually falling asleep I uploaded three videos in a row so check them out
link in the description and as always thank you so much for watching
and I will snipe you soon

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