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Today I’m back again with healthy living and wellness and today we are going to
talk about how to decorate your space how to make your space really look great
and think about how to incorporate some of the things you have from your garden
and things you already have so you already know it’s now spring time and
it’s time for bulbs here I have some bulbs from the market and they really
look great however I have some herbs too these
herbs have been here and I don’t have so much food to use them with but today I’m going
to show you how to make a flower arrangement using your existing herbs
fresh or dried herbs with tulips so we are going to start and what I’m going to
do is I’m going to start with the tulips open up my bunch of tubes most of you will be wondering in your
own in their own cities where you can buy bulbs like tulips here in the
Netherlands we grow tulips so they are very easy to come along one of our favorite
known flowers so they’re very easy to come about a specially in spring you can
plant them and if you haven’t seen a video of how to plant or buy your bulbs please
click over here and check out that video and I’m going to show you how I
cut my tubes one by one and how I use them for decoration so what I’m going to
do here is I am going to cut my tulips very very short because as you can see
here I have a short vase which I really love and I want to use this vase for
these tulips however adding some herbs is also really great but when you buy tulips
they’re very expensive but have you ever tried planting your own tulips maybe you
can save some money by planting your own tulips and get them from your own
garden it will really save you lots lots of time and you’ll really enjoy I’m
going to use one other vase this as you can see it’s not so difficult to
make your own flower arrangement using tulips and herbs so once you have your
tulips here you just have to add some of the herbs that you really like this
is how you can incorporate your herbs that you don’t know what to do it with
some fresh flowers and these are the tulips and this really looks great you
have some dried lavender I’m not using it at the moment just put a few tubes
around it and you have a herbal flower arrangement for most of you who have been
wondering on how to incorporate your herbs dried up herbs that you don’t know
what to do it you can use this idea here I have some dried herbs and there’s a
lavender that i harvested last year and I tied it on a string
while we’re going into the winter and it’s been in my kitchen and its been
smelling great but now I bring and I have new lavender in my garden so I want
to use with lavender flowers dried up in my
fresh flowers so these fresh flowers to tulips don’t have a smell no so there’s
no smell with these tulips but the lavender and it’s fragrant and I love a fragrant
bouquet so this flower arrangement is very easy to make you can use all the
things you can and don’t be scared to mix all the things you can find in your
house or your garden you know it’s not so difficult to make something out of
nothing yeah so hope you enjoy thanks for
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