Hello Kitty’s Flower Shop – One Blossomin’ Birthday

Helloween to you all! This is PlusmaGun speaking, and… ♪ Oh, Birthday Girl, add one more year…
Oh, Birthday Girl, baby, hang in there! ♪ Indeed! To honor Hello Kitty and her franchise for reaching the 45-year mark, I shall help this lovable character to pound the pests, and shower flowers! Simple enough. Or is it…? Well, these flowers will try to make it easy for Kitty, as they might provide power-ups in forms of fruit. Such as the strawberry, which grants her temporary invincibility. Apples give 500 points. All they can do with that, are to help Kitty to get extra lives faster, since every 20000 pounds awards her one. Nice! But, this party has just begun… This first pot of this stage offers the third and final fruit. Grabbing the pear stuns all the pests on the stage, but only for a small period of time. Now, when you raise a flower pot one level, it becomes untouchable for a little bit, and then stops being that, allowing you to raise it another level. So, don’t worry about needing to hold the down button all the time. While the watered flower pot is intangible, bash incoming vermin, or water another nearby flower pot. These stage designs really makes you wonder why Kitty White chose to start her flower shop business here… Maybe she wants to sanitize the place, and rebuild it to become more safer later? But anyway, the best way to use the strawberry, is to stun the enemy first, and then run into it. You get more points that way. And yeah, I didn’t utilize that technique that well here, but I get more chances to use it later on. Every three stages offer you a bonus stage. Water the flower pots, and hope that you might water the one that has the extra life in it. And of course, watch the wheels! If they hit you, you get kicked off the bonus stage. No luck with that extra life… But hey, I did get another one through the other way! The cutscene never changes. SKIPPING! Birds – the most classic of vermin! Kitty knows clubbin’. Well, isn’t this place quite the zoo! Definitely keep an eye for that upper flower pot! Flowers with life insurances! Gotta love ’em! May I be lucky this time! Yeah, you can water flower pots in any order that you wish, but the last one that you water all the way up, you can’t get whatever item it might have held, so that might be a thing to keep in mind. Gotcha! 😀 I also wanted a strawberry, though… Into the building’s darkest reaches! Another shot of RAWBERRY! Don’t mind if I do! Stage 8 seems tough, but just rush to the pivotal position to water up that one flower pot. No mo’, no lez’. Floating flower pots – only in the world of Sanrio, I guess… Okay, how did THAT miss?>:| Really now… Ugh. Let the lives line up! No, I don’t want the wheels to plummet! I want to Strawberry Steamroll them! Even stunning one gives you 300 points, unlike the smaller amount given by stunning squirrels and snails. W R O N G ! Much better… And thus, ends this rollercoaster ride! As we enter the second half, moving platforms are getting more and more abundant! Yeah, that “stunned” wheel fell in the drink. Maybe it felt like it fitted better as a swim tube! Oh, and by the way, save that southeast flower pot for last, as it’s a beginner’s trap, since Kitty’s speed and jump are too insufficient to safely land on any of the platforms nearby. Just remember this sick detail, and you should be golden. For this stage. you can reach the top platform by jumping from the moving platform below, provided that you should jump when the latter platform practically is at its highest point. And there we go! That’s how you build the points the best with your strawberry usage! Stage 12 is strangely comfortable in comparison to the crimes done by the previous two. Just pay attention to the critters, and MALLET MASH if you need to! Oh, and bash the bird while you descend to the next floor. Like I said, observation is this stage’s biggest weakness. And Kitty has finally reached the apex of your average cat: having 9 lives. The bonus stage where Kitty’s jump really has to count! Nothing to it! Pounds and pots galore! And here we are, at the “dog kennel”, if you will! The level designs and the placements of the vermin from here on out are getting gluttonous for our little heroine! So, hold your water pitcher all the more tight, as this will be one crazy fire and water fight! Tweet, twat! TWEET, I TELL YOU! So yeah, rely on defensive play from this point. More flying fiend fun! Make your every move count! Yup. Mercilessness at its finest. Stage 15 (much like 12) isn’t too aggressive. You should be fine. This bird can be annoying, but you can make it STOP! HAMMER TIME! You tried, Chirpy. You tried. More leaping ahead! Don’t make Van Halen upset! And before you know it, the bonus stages are done! Okay, aside from the one at the end… Though, I can’t really consider that being one. Why? In due time, my friends! Stage 16 isn’t too harmless, either. If anything, it gives you a false sense of security, thinking that the remaining two shouldn’t pose any problems as well. I’d say, don’t fall for it! Their level designs are quite brutal, even for Hello Kitty. Well, at least this one has a reachable platform… Good thing that I know when the invincibility goes off. You can tell by its music. When it’s barely starting its fourth round, you know it’s over. But, good luck if you paused the game during that strawberry phase! Welcome to Moving Platform Central! How can we anger you today? Fried, and extra salty? Yeah, if that wasn’t obvious enough, consider your actions with outmost care! A risk worth the reward! Good thing these moths can’t reach you from there, or my tone of voice would have been FAR different! For Kitty’s sake, I hope that she’s reading about safety, and how you shouldn’t read a book during a life-threatening situation! Or, is it seriously just me? Stage 17 awards you for taking it a little slow, but this one ain’t so forgiving! Adjusting moving platforms too much, getting within a moth’s reach… It’s crazy! But, then we got THIS! Be slow enough to land on the platforms, but be fast enough to take both the moths down! Yeah, this is incredibly tricky to pull off, but obviously, it can be done! Now, you have to adjust the platforms, so that you can jump to the next one. Timing might indeed be needed! Phew… Wasn’t that heart-pounding! All done, except for that one last thing… Just THAT… Maybe this is the flower with the highest value? Now, it’s over! The building’s sanitized, the flower pot stock is full, and Kitty got plenty of pounds to spend! Kitty White and her business can now flourish in peace! So, what can I say about Hello Kitty? It’s one powerhouse of a franchise, and it’s still going strong, even after 45 long years! The seemingly bottomless journey of our adorable character has been very interesting, with many franchises like Animal Crossing, Arcana Heart and even Mario giving Hello Kitty friendly pushes to give it hope for its future! What adventures await Kitty White and her friends, as they get closer and closer to their 50th anniversary? Only time knows! But, as for right now… Happy 45th anniversary, Hello Kitty, and may your trip to your 50th be a enlightened one! God speed. Well, with all that being said and done, I, PlusmaGun, bid you all farewell.

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