Happy Falloween – Etched Wine Bottle Floral Display – How To Tutorial

Hi everyone, Leanne Bunny-chan here and
today we are making a etched wine bottle that says Happy Falloween and has a
floral arrangement. Let’s see how it goes. Okay so if you’ve watched any of my other
videos on glass etching then you know that you need to clean off your glass
with some window cleaner. This is to make sure that the surface is clean and also
that there aren’t any fingerprints. This is a design I cut out using my
Silhouette Cameo machine, you can also buy stickers or create your own sticker.
Just remember that whatever is open space that’s what’s going to be etched. So now I
am just putting my transfer paper on my adhesive vinyl. This is going to keep it
in one piece when we lift it up and put it on the wine bottle. So once you have
the transfer tape on you can pull the backing off your sticker. Once I positioned it I like to start
from the inside out, pressing it down, especially on a larger piece like this.
It’s gonna help you get around the curve a little bit better. I actually kind of like this with just the vinyl, the purple on the green here, which is totally
something you could do you probably want to use a more permanent vinyl on it.
Press out any air bubbles. Once your glass is prepared we’re gonna
stand it upright because we’re actually a very large area I’m going to use a brush this time
instead of a popsicle stick. I am gonna swirl it around in the jar with a
popsicle stick though. Now we’re just gonna glop this on there. So I’m finding out this is sticking to
the brush too much so I’m going back to the popsicle stick. So once the etching
cream has been on there for about five minutes we need to rinse it with some
warm water. Ideally that would be about five minutes
from when the last of it’s put on so that it all has been on there for five
minutes or more. Will be interesting to see if there were any lines in the
etching because there’s such a large area that it was hard to get on smoothly. Here it is
currently and we’re gonna go wash this off in the sink, give it a good wash and
then come back. So we’re back with the etched glass and while I was doing this
I was really worried for a minute that it wasn’t etching because you couldn’t
really tell the difference. On some glasses I’ve noticed you can
tell when you’re rinsing it off that it’s been etched and others you have to
wait for them to dry. The etching almost to the eye when it’s wet you can’t
really always see it. Seems like it came out pretty good, it’s
definitely not perfect but are you gonna do. Where my hands are still wet you can see a difference in color. It looks like there’s a little bit of lines here
on the back and not just from being wet, but it’s nothing you know we’re gonna notice really well at a distance, and I’ve never done this large of an area before. Couple little bits down here where it got under the sticker a little bit so that’s why
it’s important to press it down. I mean, they’re small, not gonna worry about
it, not gonna make a new one just for that. Now we’re coming to the part where I have
not done this before. So we’re gonna see how this goes. I want to add these flowers, this
little plastic arrangements from Walmart to it. I could actually just kind of
stuff it in but I don’t want to do that. I want to give it something that it’s, to kind of make sure… I want to give something so that it has a little bit more
stability. Okay so I do want to cut the stems fown a little bit, but before I do that
I’m gonna have the foam ready for them. So this is some foam for floral
decorations. I’ve never used it before but I know it’s the thing you use. And you can get this
at any craft store, Walmart also carries these. Okay so, knife time, be careful. This is not a
very large space that I need to get this in to soooo… I should probably buy an actual craft knife
for this but… Hope you can see that. I’m just using a
serrated knife from my kitchen. Okay I’m gonna very carefully try to round this
as best as I can. Hey guys,
foam fingers, terrible joke. Okay once you have this to just about the right size we’re gonna stick these flowers in there. We’re gonna try to cut the stems with our
wire cutters first. Yeah, yeah there it’s going. Slowly but surely. Ok, those are cut now. And unfortunately our foam cork came apart so we’re gonna make a new one. Okay so I’ve abandoned the foam idea so I’m going to use some floral wire to keep these together. Okay, much better. So these are now just
tied together with floral wire. If I had a couple more like if I was just doing
single, a couple of single ones instead, I think that doing it in the foam would work, but
these are just too wide they almost… they’re almost the whole width that the opening
of the wine bottle where the foam is going to go so it just didn’t leave any room. Alright, so I’ve put these in the bottle and they actually fill it quite nicely once they’re wrapped together such
that I don’t feel like they’re going to come apart. I’m just trying to kind of arrange them how I want them to be. Now I’m gonna try to show you
as much of this as I can but it’ll probably come out more in the picture. So this is the floral part here and then
the bottle here. Hope you enjoyed this video and this
little trial-and-error making this happy Falloween etched wine bottle floral
decoration. If you liked this video consider giving it a thumbs up. If you
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